Facts you need to know about Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: All Information You Need to Have

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures that many can experience. Your wisdom teeth are the second or final pair of adult teeth developed during the late teen years or early adulthood. Unlike popular beliefs, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, and several factors determine if you might need an extraction. Here at Smile Point Dental, you can visit experienced dentists to consult with and have a wisdom tooth extraction if required.

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The wisdom tooth removal procedure is quick, and it’s usually not that difficult to recover after the extraction. In most cases, patients will be fully recovered in 2 to 5 days without any severe problems or complications. Hence, it’s better to have adequate information before considering any kind of procedure or surgery. This article will give you a clear vision of what wisdom tooth extraction is all about and the related things like recovery period, etc.

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How can wisdom tooth removal become necessary?

Although some people won’t experience any dental problems associated with their wisdom teeth, many of them need to deal with serious dental problems due to wisdom teeth eruption, including:

  • Eruption at a bad angle: it’s highly possible to see your wisdom tooth arising from the jaw at a wrong angle. It can lead to a certain degree of discomfort and even misaligned teeth which make you have further costly dental procedures like orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth again.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth: your wisdom teeth can be quickly impacted due to their position in the back of your mouth. Because of this, seeing your wisdom teeth trapped in your jaw is prevalent, leading to severe pain and aches.
  • Gum disease: another prevalent reason to extract wisdom teeth is periodontal disease and developed cavities. The cause of these problems is usually poor oral hygiene, so it’s essential to ensure you have good dental hygiene to prevent such dental problems.

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What is the best time to remove your wisdom teeth?

After identifying why you need to extract your wisdom tooth, looking for the best time to get the procedure done is essential.

  1. When you are physically and mentally healthy: no matter if you experience a quick dental whitening or wisdom tooth extraction, it’s essential to be physically healthy and stress-free. After all, search for a qualified dentist who can do the steps of dental examination and treatment carefully.
  2. When your tooth hasn’t fully developed: the sooner you extract your wisdom tooth, the more straightforward procedure you will experience. Many patients with fully developed wisdom teeth need endodontic treatments in addition to extraction to make their wisdom teeth entirely removed.

Wisdom tooth extraction aftercare

A quick recovery will begin if you pay attention to specific tips recommended by your dentist. Keep your head evaluated at night and take prescribed medications if you feel pain and swelling. Feeling discomfort and aches is typically a few days after wisdom tooth extraction, so you don’t need to worry.

Also, remember to consult with an experienced dentist who can give you helpful advice!

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