Why Is General Dentistry Essential for Your Oral Health?

Oral Health

Why Is General Dentistry Essential for Your Oral Health? 

The teeth are one of our vital organs that experience wear and tear depending on how carefully we take care of them during our lives. General dentistry offers a variety of dental care treatments to help you take care of your teeth properly. Dental visits are recommended twice a year. If you attempt this semiannual visit to a dental care provider, your teeth’ wear and tear can be fixed easily. Nowadays, with incredible advancements in dental science, specialized professionals in general dentistry provide various take-care methods you desire in all primary dentistry services. At Smile Point Dental, we deliver top-quality dental services to ensure each patient’s oral health for a lifetime. You can always contact our dental clinic and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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Who Are General Dentists?

General dentists have helped you maintain good oral health for many years by providing gum and teeth examinations and dental cleaning. They can also diagnose any potential dental issue at the early stages and prevent it from progressing. Your general dentists, who are specialists in various fields of dentistry, make sure that you will get the kind of care you exactly deserve.

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Different Types of General Dentistry Services

By learning more about different dental services, you can realize that general dentistry consists of a broad range of treatments necessary for everyone who wants to take care of their teeth perfectly. Some examples of these services are as follows:

Preventative Dental Care

It refers to all crucial treatments that should be done to maintain the best possible oral health. Regular dental exams are a fundamental step to reaching this goal. By the way, the dentists will teach you how to self-maintain preventative care by providing valuable information. In semiannual visits, your dentist will perform a complete dental exam. It consists of fluoride treatments, diagnostic x-ray, and oral cancer screening.

Your children are at the top of priority and should receive preventative care because practicing at an early age is the best tool to make habits. Your children will grow up with positive habits with the help of pediatric dental visits. So, they will have healthier teeth in their adulthood.

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Dentists ask for dental x-rays to evaluate your oral health. A professional dentist identifies any problems such as tooth decay and cavities using an x-ray.


Dental filling is a valuable method to treat cavities or tooth decay and prevent further infection from spreading. Metal fillings and tooth-colored fillings are two main types of such a treatment. Your dentists will help you decide which one is the best for you according to your dental problem.

Restorative Dental Care

General dentists fix the problems associated with your oral tissue, such as tooth decay, damage, and missing teeth. They use different treatments such as dentures, veneers, crowns, onlays, inlays, and also dental implants to cover your dental problems and restore the health of your teeth. As a result of their efforts, they present you with a beautiful smile and also boost your self-confidence.

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