Why Choosing Dental Veneers?

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Veneers

Nowadays, almost everyone strives to have a sparkling smile, but unfortunately, few people are born with a set of unified, pearly white teeth and a glorious smile. There are some influential factors affecting the beauty of our smiles. Most of us get involved with misaligned and crooked teeth. Besides, we all may face stains on our teeth surface as a result of having colored foods or drinks, aging, and some dental issues. So, it is almost impossible to have a dazzling smile for all of us. But, it is a solvable problem, especially in today’s dentistry world. Various cosmetic dental treatments restore the beauty and whiteness of your teeth and smile.

The golden treatment is called dental veneers. This is a kind of comprehensive dental treatment that removes all dental imperfections and brings you your dream smile. Here at Smile Point Dental, you can take advantage of our advanced dental veneers in Oakville performed by experienced dentists at Oakville. Our paramount priority is making your dream true and enabling you to smile confidently. But if you are still skeptical of spending money on dental veneers, continue reading this article to get some helpful information in this regard.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are a kind of cosmetic dental treatment, usually made of porcelain or composite resin, in which a customized thin shell will be attached to the front of the teeth. They are resistant to stains or even slightly change color. As mentioned earlier, this cosmetic dental process can easily hide any unpleasant dental defects in your mouth and change the shape, size, and color of your teeth in a way you enjoy your new smile.

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How Long Does It Take?

Most porcelain veneers take the dentist at least twice to attach them to the patient’s tooth, while composite resin may only do it once. Of course, it should be noted that almost all dental specialists consider your oral hygiene and assess your dental situation before suggesting you go under this dental procedure. In case of dealing with any severe dental issues, the dental specialist will probably suggest you remove them and then perform dental veneers.

How Will It Be Done?

Performing the process varies depending on the type. Still, it does not need to be afraid of since it is usually a painless process, especially when done by a dedicated, skilled dental specialist. When the porcelain veneers are being performed, local anesthesia will be utilized to numb the mouth. Then usually, a thin layer of enamel will be cut or removed to provide enough space for this dental treatment. Finally, your teeth will be shaped to adjust the veneers precisely. At first, temporary veneers may be placed on the surface of your tooth to fill in any area that was removed in the first step. You should take care of them carefully and consider what you eat since their durability and strength are not like permanent ones. And the last stage is replacing custom-made permanent veneers with temporary ones.

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Are They Costly?

Considering the point that dental veneers can hide all your dental imperfections and enable you the most dazzling smile ever, you can conclude that it is worth spending money on. Of course, nowadays, there are various payment options in most clinics. So, it can be said that although they may seem costly, it is possible to afford them.

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