When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

What is endodontic or root canal treatment?

Accidents may happen at any time when you least expect them and causing a sudden dental emergency. In this case, emergency dental care is the solution to save your tooth. Dental emergencies can devastatingly impact your overall health and require urgent dental care. Unfortunately, many patients may avoid visiting an emergency dentist out of fear. However, you should pay attention that dental emergencies can’t go untreated unless they lead to more complicated health issues. Fortunately, Smile Point Dental proudly offers the best emergency dental services in Oakville so that you don’t need to be worried about getting emergency dental treatments anymore.

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Top Emergency Dental Care Benefits

Dental emergencies are accompanied by excruciating pain and even bleeding in a way that forces you to visit an emergency dentist. Emergency dentistry is actually the dental specialty through which dentists find the best possible solutions for severe and probably life-threatening dental problems. Immediate dental care and attention are always provided by emergency dentistry so that an emergency dentist can save your natural tooth. Here we explain some of the top benefits of emergency dental care:

Urgent Dental Attention

In the event of a dental emergency, even the seconds decide whether your tooth is possible to save or not. As a result, an emergency patient cannot wait until the time of the dentist visit arrives. Therefore, emergency dental clinics provide patients with the urgent dental care they require to save the damaged tooth.

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Dental Maintenance and Emergency Dental Treatment


Preventing a Dental Emergency from Progression

Dental emergencies gradually progress if they go untreated. Seeking on time emergency dental treatments will prevent the dental emergency from progressing and won’t let it get permanent and more complicated. For instance, severe tooth decay requires urgent dental fillings or even emergency endodontics to not lead to more complex health problems.

A Solution for Your Severe Dental Pain

A painful and swollen tooth can cause you discomfort and even interrupt your routine life. In such excruciating and persistent dental pain, emergency dentists can find effective pain relief for you. The emergency dentist first diagnoses the root of your toothache and then applies the appropriate emergency dental treatment.

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When to Refer to an Emergency Dental Office?

Although regular dental exams can keep most dental emergencies at bay, they are sometimes inevitable. Therefore, emergency dental treatments should be considered on time. So, in the event of a dental emergency, on time referring to an emergency dental office is of the essence. Here are some examples in which the quick referral to the emergency dental clinic seems to be necessary:

Persistent Toothache

Toothaches are usual when eating hot or cold food. On the other hand, a lingering dental pain that continues for a couple of days can be a sign of a dental emergency. A tooth abscess, tooth infection, a fractured or broken tooth, etc., can all be the reasons for severe dental pain.

Bleeding Gums

Our gums’ appearance can inform us about the state of our oral health. Bleeding gum is the primary symptom of periodontal disease or some other dangerous dental condition. Without emergency dental treatment, bleeding gums can even lead to tooth loss.

A Knocked-out Tooth

A wide variety of reasons, such as an injury to the face, may cause your permanent tooth to get knocked out. A qualified emergency dentist can save your knocked-out tooth in a way that it looks and functions as usual. Remember, you only have half to an hour to reach an emergency dental clinic unless you lose your tooth and require dental implants to replace it.

If you are looking for the best emergency dentist in Oakville, Smile Point Dental is your right destination. Our emergency dentists are dedicated to offering a wide range of emergency dental treatments best appropriate for your condition.

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