When Are Your Dental Veneers Required to Be Replaced?

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When Are Your Dental Veneers Required to Be Replaced?

Nowadays, you can barely find a person who doesn’t care about his appearance. People look for efficient ways that help them boost their self-confidence by solving their visual minor or significant problems. One of the most noticeable features that attract your attention whenever you meet someone new is their smile. Having a beautiful and shiny smile can easily impress others to feel good when talking to you. However, some dental problems are caused by poor oral hygiene, genetics, and even accidents, so it’s not sensible to expect everyone to have a charming smile. Fortunately, as science and technology are significantly improving in all dentistry fields, you can find a solution for every dental issue you confront. One of the most prevalent cures used to enhance the beauty of patients’ smiles is dental veneers. Those who live in Oakville, and want to find a successful dental specialist performing dental veneers, can stop at Smile Point Dental services in Oakville to benefit from our advanced dentistry tools and the experienced dental team.

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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are excellent choices that give patients the chance to have whiter and straighter teeth without any damage or consequences. Nevertheless, you need to know they aren’t permanent treatments and can wear out as time passes. If you have dental veneers or are thinking about having them, you are required to be aware of signs that warn you about the necessity of replacing your dental veneers.

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The Supporting Tooth Is Decayed

Dental veneers are incredibly durable and can last for 10 to 20 years in good care. Regardless, even if you have the most suitable dental veneer with the highest quality, it can’t be resisted for a long time if the tooth underneath isn’t strong enough or decayed.

You Have the Wrong Size of Dental Veneers

this problem originated from the lack of dentist experience, or he didn’t pay enough attention when installing your dental veneers. If your dentist doesn’t measure your mouth and exact sizes, you definitely won’t have a good experience with your dental veneers. Remember to choose your dentist wisely to prevent these kinds of difficulties.

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You Notice Your Dental Veneers Are Chipped or Worn Out

As mentioned earlier, porcelain dental veneers are amazingly durable even up to 20 years if you hold good oral hygiene, don’t use them as tools, and generally take good care of them. Although you can extend their life span with good care, having chipped, cracked, and worn out dental veneers is expected after 10 to 20 years, and you need to have new replacements.

Your Oral Hygiene Is Poor

Having inappropriate oral hygiene can cause many problems, including gum disease. Dental veneers need to be cleaned just as much as your natural teeth, so it’s not out of mind to see gaps between your gums and veneers if you don’t maintain excellent oral hygiene.

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Your Veneers Were Misapplied

By having improper dental veneers, you probably feel the force to change them immediately. Your dentist’s success depends on applying your dental veneers by considering all essential points and steps. Your enamel should be a little shaved, and finally, your dental veneers will be attached with solid dental bonding.

Remember, if you detect any of these signs, visit your dentist right away.

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