What is endodontic or root canal treatment?

What is endodontic or root canal treatment?

What is endodontic or root canal treatment?

Endodontics, also known as root canal treatment, is a dentistry specialty about diagnosing and treating the tooth pulp surrounding your tooth root. This treatment is required when your tooth pulp gets infected irreversibly. An endodontist tries to remove the infected parts of your tooth pulp so that the infection does not spread to the surrounding dental and gum tissue. Many patients avoid getting endodontic treatment since the name seems scary and stressful. However, if you find an endodontist in Oakville, like those in Smile Point Dental Clinic, there is no need to be worried about pain and bleeding.

Through root canal therapy, the endodontist tries to save your natural tooth so that it can function as usual. In case you don’t seek on-time and proper treatment, you may have to extract the infected tooth. Endodontics helps you preserve your tooth. Compared to a missing tooth’s complications, endodontic treatment is considered a safe method and is worth preventing tooth loss. In the event of tooth loss, dentists typically recommend dental implants in Oakville as an excellent missing tooth replacement. Denture treatment is also a good treatment option for your missing teeth. An endodontist can diagnose the root of your dental pain and then provide endodontic treatment that makes your toothache come to an end.

What is endodontic or root canal treatment?

When does a patient need endodontic treatment?

A patient may need root canal therapy for many reasons. The primary one is tooth decay. If you ignore your decayed tooth, the infection reaches your tooth root, and most of the tooth pulp gets involved. An endodontist will disinfect the tissue and save your tooth. Dental trauma also can force a patient to get root canal therapy. In case you face dental problems such as tooth abscess, old dental fillings, chipped or fractured teeth, and dental infection, you may need an endodontist for a dental check-up. SmilePoint’s dedicated endodontists are always ready to deliver the emergency orthodontic treatment that best meets your emergency dental needs.

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When do you need to visit an endodontist?

Endodontic or root canal therapy can be scary to many patients. So they avoid visiting an endodontist until the dental pain gets intolerable. Ignoring your dental pain, especially a killing pain that persists for more than two or three days, may cause tooth loss and put you in many troubles. It’s best to visit a dentist as soon as you see the signs of a dental emergency such as tooth decay.
Traumatic injuries require emergency dental services in Oakville too. You should remember that fractured or cracked teeth are more vulnerable to bacteria, dental plaques, and severe tooth decay as a result.

Teeth that need root canal therapy are typically sensitive to acidic, cold, or hot foods. When tooth enamel wears off, the tooth’s nerve endings get exposed, and tooth sensitivity occurs. Tooth sensitivity creates a sharp, sudden pain when consuming cold or hot foods and drinks.

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Swelling of gum tissue around a tooth may indicate tooth infection and the need for endodontics. An endodontist removes the infected part of your dental pulp, disinfects the area, and fills the tooth by applying the dental filling method. This will prevent tooth reinfection.

How long does the endodontic treatment take?

It usually takes two or three sessions, and the time gap between each is almost one week, to perform an endodontic treatment. The first session consumes more time than the two others. In the first session, an endodontist removes the infected nerves and blood vessels. Then the patient must wait for a while to get a permanent tooth filling. You will feel no pain during the root canal therapy since the endodontist applies modern anesthetics. If you are looking for the latest endodontic techniques, contact Smile Point Dental in Oakville to book an appointment with our professional endodontists.

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