What Are the Injuries That Require Emergency Dental Treatment?

What Are the Injuries That Require Emergency Dental Treatment?

Any type of dental emergency, including injuries to your teeth or gums, can be serious, and you should not ignore it. Ignoring a dental or oral problem can lead to permanent tooth damage and also require more expensive and extensive treatment. It is essential to know what type of injuries require immediate dental care so that you can avoid such unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

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Here are some most common dental injuries that require emergency dental services

Broken teeth

Teeth are strong, but they can break. This can happen if you bite something very hard, get hit on the face, have cavities, outdated filling which does not support the other enamel of the teeth. A broken tooth may not hurt at first. Moreover, many minor tooth fractures do not cause any pain. But if you experience any broken tooth, it is essential to see your dentist straight away.


If you have a severe crack, then it is a broken tooth. Your tooth may look all okay to you, and it will only hurt you when you eat food. In some cases, your tooth will hurt you all the time, and you may have a damaged blood vessel or nerve. It is good to get the treatment right away when anything like this happens. You might also require root canal treatment in such a case.

Knocked out tooth

If you play hockey, football, or hockey, a knocked-out tooth can occur. If you have a completely knocked out tooth, it’s an injury that requires emergency dental care. The faster you will visit the doctor, the better chance you will have to save your tooth.

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There are several reasons for a toothache. It is good to visit an emergency dentist. Do not wait for a toothache to go away as soon as possible. This is very important if you have throbbing pain, or swollen gums as this can damage nerves.

Chipped tooth

A chipped tooth can occur from biting down food too hard. If you have a small chip, they don’t need treatment immediately. However, these chips can become severe cracks, which can cause discomfort and can affect the tooth. Therefore, you should also seek emergency dental care for your chipped tooth.

By taking extra oral care, you can easily prevent your trip to the emergency dental clinic. It is highly important to brush your teeth, floss them regularly, and see a dentist twice a year to maintain good oral health. Some of the injuries or dental problems occur due to high-impact activities. Therefore, try to prevent dental accidents, and always take precautions like wearing a mouthguard at the time of physical activity. If your teeth are sensitive, then don’t eat hard food.

If you are facing any dental emergency and looking for a dentist in Oakville, we can help you. You can contact us anytime.

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