Types of Dental Crowns

types of dental crown

This is a common scenario many of us may encounter: Picture this – Sarah visits her dentist for a routine check-up, only to discover a big cavity in one of her molars. The dentist then recommends a dental crown to restore the tooth’s strength and function.  

Dentists use dental crowns (also called caps) to cover and protect teeth that are broken, decayed, or weakened. In addition to protecting and supporting the tooth structure below, they change the form, size, strength, and appearance of a tooth. This article will explore the different types of dental crowns.

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What Are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

  • Porcelain Crowns

People love porcelain crowns because they look natural and can be made to be translucent like natural teeth. Because they look good, they are a great choice for front teeth or other parts of the smile that are seen frequently. Porcelain crowns are made to match the colour, shape, and size of the teeth next to them, so they blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

  • All-Ceramic Crowns

All-ceramic crowns are made from zirconia or lithium disilicate, which are both ceramic materials. These crowns are a popular choice for people who want replacements that look natural as they offer a good appearance, last longer, and are biocompatible. All-ceramic crowns are known for being very durable and not breaking or chipping easily. They can be used on both front and back teeth. For a skilled cosmetic dentist in Oakville, visit Smile Point Dentistry, where we specialize in dental crowns to enhance your smile.

  • Composite Resin Crowns

Composite resin crowns are made from composite materials that are tooth-colored and can be bonded straight to the tooth. These crowns are a safe way to fix broken or decayed teeth while keeping the natural structure of the tooth. Composite resin crowns are inexpensive and can be made to match the colour and shape of the teeth next to them, making the restoration look completely natural.

types of dental crowns

  • Metal Crowns

An important characteristic of metal crowns is that they are very strong and durable. Metal crowns are very resilient and don’t wear down as easily as porcelain or ceramic crowns. However, they may not be as aesthetically appealing as other types. Metal crowns are best for posterior teeth that get a lot of chewing force and for those with strong biting habits. Another advantage is that they require minimal tooth preparation.

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crowns

PFM crowns are strong like metal crowns but look nice like porcelain ones. The metal base of these crowns makes them strong and durable, and the porcelain covering makes them look natural. PFM crowns are strong and last a long time, so they can be used on back teeth that get bit down on a lot.

  • Temporary Crowns

As a stopgap measure, temporary crowns are often used while permanent crowns are being made in a dental lab. These crowns are usually made of acrylic or stainless steel, and their purpose is to protect the tooth structure below until the final restoration is ready. With temporary crowns, you can get better function and appearance while your gums heal, and your final crown is being fabricated.

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How to Pick the Right Type of Dental Crowns?

Picking the right kind of dental crown relies on a number of factors such as your dentist’s suggestion, your personal needs and preferences, and your budget. Get the best dental crowns in Oakville at Smile Point Dentistry for a beautiful, lasting smile. To help you choose the right cap, we’re going to discuss some of the important things that need to be considered:

Anterior Or Posterior?

The type of material used may depend on where the tooth that needs a crown is located. Looks are very important for anterior teeth; this is why all-ceramic or porcelain crowns are common choices for these ones. For longer-lasting results, stronger materials like porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) or metal crowns may be suggested for posterior teeth.

How Important is the Appearance of the Crown?

If you want your teeth to look natural, you might want to look into all-ceramic or porcelain crowns, which are very close to the colour, translucency, and feel of natural teeth. These crowns look great and can be made to fit in with your natural teeth.

When Strength of Crowns Needs to Be Considered?

Metal or PFM crowns are exceptionally strong and long-lasting, making them ideal for teeth that are subjected to heavy chewing forces. Talk to your dentist about these choices if durability and resistance to wear are important to you. Book a free consultation with the best dentist in Oakville at Smile Point Dentistry today!

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types of dental crowns

How Much Are You Going to Expend on Your Crowns?

The cost of a dental crown can change based on the type of material used and how complicated the restoration is. Most of the time, all-ceramic and porcelain crowns cost more than metal or mixed resin crowns, but they look better and last longer. Think about your budget and ask your dentist how much the different crown choices cost. You can contact us to find out about the details.

Durability and Upkeep of Dental Crowns?

Crowns of different types have different durability and maintenance needs. Crowns made of ceramic or porcelain last longer and don’t stain easily. Crowns made of metal are also very strong, but they may be more obvious in the mouth. So, you need to consider these aspects while making your decision.

Dental Health

When deciding which crown type works best for you, your dentist will assess your general oral health, the condition of your teeth, gums, and any underlying dental problems. For instance, if you have a history of gum disease or biting or grinding your teeth, you may be recommended to get a crown made of a material that is stronger and lasts longer.

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All in All

Dental crowns are a popular and effective solution to revive damaged teeth and protect them against further problems, while enhancing their appearance. Different types of dental crowns have both their specific advantages and disadvantages. Some offer greater aesthetic benefits and some are stronger. This makes each type suitable for people with different dental needs. To choose the right type of crowns, your dentist will evaluate your unique oral condition and treatment goals and guide you to choose the best option for you.

If you’re considering getting dental crowns or have other questions about the the procedure, costs and different types, Smile Point Dental Clinic is here to assist you through every step of your journey. Our skilled team of dentists has several years of experience in performing successful dental crown procedures, making Smile Point Dental Clinic a reliable choice for dental crowns in Oakville, Ontario.

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