Top Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic Dentists

Top Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Cosmetic Dentists

First impressions are important and play an important role in your relationships and social life. According to a popular experiment, most people pay attention to the smile in the first place when they meet someone. So, you can understand how having a drizzling and flawless smile is essential to impress others and communicate with them confidently. However, many people are uncomfortable smiling because of their crooked, misaligned, discolored, and stained teeth. Fortunately, all these aesthetic issues can be fixed thanks to modern and developed cosmetic dentistry services. Many visit our professionals at Smile Point Dental Clinic in Oakville to receive cosmetic dental care maintenance and improve their smiles to another level. No matter how complicated your case is, cosmetic dentists find a proper way to give you the smile you’ve always wished for. However, many patients get confused when it comes to choosing the right cosmetic dental procedure due to the lack of information. In today’s blog, experienced cosmetic dentists have answered the most frequently asked questions about cosmetic dental procedures.

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How do dental veneers and crowns differ from each other?

Two popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry are dental veneers and crowns. If you suffer from discolored, damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth, getting a dental crown or veneer may fix your condition. A dental veneer is more of a cosmetic choice that only covers the front surface of your tooth, while a porcelain crown can restore the whole structure of your damaged tooth as it provides more coverage. Compared to crowns, cosmetic veneers last longer and also cost less money.

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Can cosmetic dentists fix crooked teeth?

Depending on the severity of your case, a cosmetic dentist might be able to help you. Cosmetics dentists can offer Invisalign services if you suffer from tooth misalignment but don’t like the appearance of metal braces. However, you may be referred to an experienced orthodontist if your teeth, bite, or jaw are severely misaligned.

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Can cosmetic dental procedures improve my oral health?

All cosmetic dentists are obliged to perform a comprehensive dental examination before starting any treatment to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Furthermore, a set of aligned, flawless, and perfect teeth is easier to clean, so your dental hygiene routine will be more effective and improved with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

Can cosmetic dentists replace missing teeth?

Some cosmetic dentists are also experienced and skilled enough to replace your missing teeth with titanium implants, full and partial dentures, or bridges. Before replacing your missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist examines your oral condition to find any signs of periodontal disease, decay, infection, or lack of jawbone density. If so, they won’t start the treatment and may refer you to an emergency dentist for needed dental care services.

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Can dental veneers or crown stain?

The answer is yes. Although veneers and crowns are more stain-resistant than natural teeth, they can still get discolored if you don’t maintain them ideally. You should know that professional teeth whitening can’t affect veneers and crowns, and you must replace them once they get discolored.

You may have more questions to ask before choosing any cosmetic dental procedure. You can make an appointment now to consult with our experienced dentists!

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