What Are the Regular Signs of Tooth Decay?

tooth decay

What Are the Regular Signs of Tooth Decay?

The quality of your oral and teeth health is one of the major things everyone should pay attention to before facing dental emergencies. Many people visit emergency dentists every year due to the suddenly caused tooth pain and discomfort around their mouth, usually identified as dental emergencies.

According to professional, accurate statistics, tooth cavities are one the most common dental emergencies among patients, and close to 30 percent of adults are dealing with unfilled dental cavities and their consequences.

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At Smile Point Dental, experienced dentists are knowledgeable enough to explain to patients how it’s essential to begin the necessary treatment for minor or severe cavities and prevent further problems. When food particles and harmful bacteria start to build up in your mouth, the risk of dental cavities is significantly high as the produced acid can erode the enamel on the surface of your teeth.

It explains why all emergency dentists emphasize having proper dental hygiene to prevent these dental issues and keep your oral condition always healthy. Here we list the most serious symptoms of emergency dental cavities so you can be informed enough to know when you are required to visit an emergency dentist.

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If you experience an ongoing toothache in one or more teeth, it can indicate tooth cavities. Remember, the risk of emergency cavities can be a threat for both adults and children, which is why most pediatric experts recommend parents take their child’s tooth pain seriously and don’t overlook it.

Sensitive teeth

When your tooth enamel starts to wear away, it can impact the dentin placed below the enamel. Suppose you feel painful tooth sensitivity and sharp pain around your teeth. In that case, the chance of emergency dental cavities is significantly raised, and you probably need to be referred to an endodontist by your emergency dentist.

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Tooth staining

In the first stages of tooth cavities, you can notice some white spots on your tooth, which is good news as you can treat the issue before it gets too severe. But people who neglect these signs and leave their emergency dental problems untreated will confront darker spots on their teeth that can’t be fixed by a simple teeth whitening treatment. Remember to visit your emergency dentist as soon as you detect any suspicious signs of dental cavities.

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How can you prevent a dental cavity?

As we mentioned, maintaining standard oral hygiene is the first step of prevention, but there are other effective ways to keep your teeth healthy.

  • Visit your emergency dentist at least once in 6 months to have an oral examination and necessary checkups to check the quality of your oral condition.
  • Use high-quality dental floss and mouthwash to increase the grade of your dental hygiene routine and lessen the chance of dental cavities.
  • You should watch what you eat as it affects the health of your teeth and gums. Remember, emergency oral cavities, many periodontal diseases, and other dental problems can be caused due to an unhealthy and inappropriate diet.

Early-detected emergency cavities can simply be treated with dental fillings you can cover by dental crowns later, so don’t ever neglect any of those mentioned warnings.

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