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To ensure that you avoid gum disease you need to practice good oral hygiene habits at home along with regular dental visits.
Gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss for Canadian adults. In most of the cases however, gum disease is preventable. If you have sore gums, you might need to get a gum therapy treatment.

Gum disease

Bacterial infection of the gums can destroy the them and surrounding bone tissue, including the teeth. During your routine checkup, we can check for any signs and symptoms of early stage gum disease.
In more serious cases, sings and symptoms of gum disease may include bleeding gums, swollen gums, sore gums, receding gum, tender gums, mouth sores, gums that appear bright purple or red-purple, and persistent bad breath.

Soft Tissue Management

If you have any issues with your gums and would like to make an appointment, we are here to manage your soft tissue and control gum disease.
If you are diagnosed with a specific gum disease, our experienced staff will develop a personalized treatment plan to prevent further infection and get your gums to a healthy state again.
Often, hygiene appointments, deep cleaning, and specialized home care routines with antibiotics are among the most effective treatments.

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