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Smile Point Dental Group is excited to join your kid's pediatric healthcare team. Our professionally-trained pediatric dentist in Oakville provide a wide range of exceptional dental treatments for children. We make every effort to keep dental care a fun, relaxed, and pleasant experience and help your children get a lifetime healthy smile. Schedule an appointment for the best services of pediatric dentistry in Oakville.

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Quality, Stress-Free Pediatric dentistry in Oakville

Let’s face it; dental visits are not enjoyable for children. However, Smile Point Dental aims to make pediatric dentistry as pleasant as possible. Children need to know that pediatric dentists are there to help. Smile Point pediatric dentistry in Oakville has cared for children’s oral health for many successful years. Our team proudly supports your little heroes’ health through professional pediatric dental treatments. We serve our young patients with cutting-edge dental technology in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Oakville pediatric dentists from Smile Point Dental provide your child with the best dental treatments with an eye on their life-lasting oral health.

FAQs Provided by Our Oakville Pediatric Dentist

Generally, those thoughtful parents who don’t like to see their children suffering from severe dental issues should take them to experienced pediatric dentists as soon as they get their first teeth. Averagely, the first baby tooth erupts at six months. It may seem too soon, but even toddlers can get cavities. As our Oakville pediatric dentist points out, you would better visit a pediatric dentist when the first tooth comes in and before it faces a problem if you want to take a great step to help your children avoid life-threatening dental emergencies.
Smile Point Dental proudly provides state-of-the-art dentistry equipment to enable our Oakville pediatric dentist to strengthen your kids’ teeth and solve their dental decays and cavities through teeth fillings before they worsen.

All pediatric dentists complete additional years of training compared to general dentists to become certified dental experts in terms of education. Additionally, pediatric dentists specialize in any diagnostic and surgical procedure required for children.
Our Oakville pediatric dentist is fully aware of psychological tips on how to behave with a child when performing a pediatric dental treatment; therefore, your lovely kids feel more comfortable and relaxed during their pediatric dental visits.

You should maintain a positive attitude toward dental visits to not make your child stressed. In better words, you should avoid making negative comments about visiting a dentist. Your little one will be eager to see our Oakville pediatric dentist and follow the oral hygiene tips in such a case. You can also show your daughter or son positive pictures of a pediatric dental office and make her or him more familiar.

Top-Notch Dental Services Offered by Pediatric Dentistry

Those qualified to start their dental practice as pediatric dentists will try their best to provide a stress-free environment where kids feel safe and comfortable. They will use modern and innovative strategies to learn about your kids’ oral health as well as how to develop healthy habits in pediatric dental clinics. 

In the following parts, the most common pediatric dental services we offer at our Oakville clinic are listed: 

1- Custom made sports guards

2- Space maintainers for early orthodontic intervention

3- Dental sealants to prevent cavities

4- Thumb sucking / habit-breaking appliances

5- Braces

6- Dental Fillings, cleaning, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, extractions, and dental crowns

At Smile Point Dental, our dental pediatricians provide quality pediatric dental care in Oakville, giving them a good start in life. Contact us now, and let us brighten and improve your child’s smile!

Children might get anxious and stressed when visiting dentist. Although it should begin at an early age, if they have a positive experience during their FIRST visits, they’ll be more calm comfortable, and cooperative in dental office. With years of experience with kids, in SmilePoint Dental we know how to make their visits a memorable friendly one. For kids with previous bad experiences and extreme anxiety we offer minimal sedation, including nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas). Book your child as young as a year or two for “Fun Visit” with us in Smile Point Dental
Pediatrics service

Why Should You Take Your Children to a Pediatric Dental Appointment?

The first pediatric dental visit in a child’s life should be pleasant. It plays an important role in developing an interest in good oral health practices for the future. Our knowledgeable & sophisticated pediatric dentist in Oakville will take all required steps to ensure your cute kids enjoy their dental appointments.

Pediatric dental offices are designed in a way your children like

Pediatric dental offices should be designed with colorful pictures to manage young patients’ fear and anxiety during their treatments.

Pediatric dentists use easy-to-understand words to explain your kids' treatment plans

They will also use easy-to-understand words to explain your children’s treatment plans to build trust and motivate their young patients to have regular visits promptly.

Pediatric dentists are equipped with state-of-the-art tools with the latest technology

Since young patients cannot stand lengthy dental procedures just like adults, pediatric dental practitioners will utilize technical dentistry tools to provide their required treatments more quickly than expected.
At Smile Point Dental, we proudly work with professional pediatric dental specialists in Oakville ready to provide various dental procedures, a tooth filling, endodontic treatment, and tooth extraction to ensure young patients’ oral health is properly preserved. Here, we accurately monitor the growth of their permanent teeth to diagnose and treat orthodontic matters immediately.

Our skilled, experienced pediatric dental team knows how to make their visit memorable and friendly. They offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry services in Oakville for children from infancy through teens.



At Smile Point Dental, we proudly work with professional pediatric dental specialists in Oakville ready to provide various dental procedures, a tooth filling, endodontic treatment, and tooth extraction to ensure young patients’ oral health is properly preserved. Here, we accurately monitor the growth of their permanent teeth to diagnose and treat orthodontic matters immediately.

Our skilled, experienced pediatric dental team knows how to make their visit memorable and friendly. They offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry services in Oakville for children from infancy through teens.

Why Should You Begin Your Child's Smile Here at Smile Point Dental?

The paramount priorities of Smile Point pediatric dentists in Oakville are children’s concerns, comfort, and unique needs. Our pediatric dental team excels at working with young patients and teaches them how to care for their oral health. Visiting children who eagerly pay attention to the health and beauty of their smiles is the best part of a pediatric dentist’s job. When it comes to pediatric dentistry in Oakville, Smile Point Dental undoubtedly tops the list. We welcome both adults and children with a broad range of dental procedures, including cosmetic dentistry treatments and emergency dental care. Contact us for a free consultation.
After providing thorough dental examinations, we offer minimal sedation for kids with previous bad experiences and extreme anxiety, including nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas). Smile Point Dental Clinic provides children with a positive & fun dental experience. Our pediatric dentists in Oakville love working with kids.
But remember, your beloved should visit a pediatric dentist, not a general dentist. General dentists see both adults and children alike, but a pediatrician is a doctor who is specialized in pediatric dental care and oral health for children.
The general focus of studies on any dentistry major includes human biology, physiology, chemistry, physics, and anatomy. For those who have decided to work as a pediatric dentist, classes in child development, psychology, and business studies are excellent. Pediatricians from Smile Point are dedicated to helping children achieve beautiful smiles through professional pediatric dentistry in Oakville. They help children achieve excellent oral health.
Pediatricians believe good dental habits start at an early age. Most pediatric dentists recommend that your child’s first visit to a children’s Dentist be scheduled as soon as the first milk tooth appears. Otherwise, bacteria attack teeth and gums, causing tooth decay and bad breath. It should be noted that ignoring tooth decay or gum disease will result in periodontal disease.
No matter how old your child is, Smile Point pediatricians care about your child’s oral health from infancy to adolescence. Our pediatric doctors in Oakville have the required experience and competence to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth at different childhood stages. During the first six months of life, milk teeth are developed. Our mission is to deliver holistic healing to children.

Pediatric Dental Visit: What to Expect

A Welcoming Inquiry and Comprehensive Dental Assessment: 
Upon extending a warm welcome, a kid friendly dentist will initiate an inquiry to gain deeper insights into the oral well-being of your beloved children. Subsequently, they will conduct a brief dental examination to assess the overall health of their teeth and gums.

The Vitality of Dental Cleaning in Your Children’s Oral Care Journey: During their dental examination, one of the primary services your children may undergo is dental cleaning, which serves as the initial step in their oral care routine.

Nurturing Lifelong Oral Health Habits for Dental Resilience: According to a kid’s dentist in Oakville, once the dental examination and cleaning procedures have concluded, the focus shifts to discussing your children’s oral hygiene habits. Accomplished pediatric dentists in Oakville take the opportunity to impart practical tips and techniques to their young patients, equipping them with the knowledge to steer clear of dental emergencies and maintain lifelong oral health, ensuring their teeth remain robust and resilient.

At Smile Point Dental, we take great pride in partnering with a skilled and highly trained pediatric dental team in Oakville. Our team seamlessly blends their expertise with contemporary approaches to ensure that your little heroes receive exceptional dental care and feel at ease and relaxed during their treatments, effectively addressing any fears they may have.

Moreover, our clinic has built a solid reputation for offering a comprehensive array of cosmetic dental solutions, encompassing teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, dental crowns, Invisalign, and dental veneers.

Should you desire exceptional cosmetic dentistry services in Oakville, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are dedicated to helping you attain the smile of your dreams straightforwardly.

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Pediatric Dentistry

When it comes to kids’ dentistry, it’s essential to be familiar with the insurance coverage options available to ensure comprehensive oral healthcare for your children. As our top-rated pediatric dentist in Oakville explains, insurance coverage for pediatric dentistry can vary depending on the specific plan and insurance provider.

It’s advisable to review your insurance policy carefully and consult with your insurance provider to understand the coverage details, including deductibles, copayments, and any limitations on the number of visits or specific procedures covered.

By being well-informed about the insurance coverage for pediatric dentistry, you can make informed decisions about your children’s oral healthcare and ensure they receive the necessary treatments and preventive care to foster a lifetime of healthy smiles. Contact Smile Point Dental at (647) 492-9329 if you need the help of an esteemed pediatric dentist near Oakville and the surrounding area.



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