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Need a Orthodontist in Oakville, Ontario?

Orthodontic treatment helps to straighten your misaligned teeth and provide a healthier and more beautiful smile.

Smile Point dental clinic is well known for its Orthodontic treatments. At Smile Point, we offer two options for this treatment, either Invisalign or braces.

Both techniques help in creating beautiful smiles, straightening teeth , evening out our bite, and closure of midline diastema.

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Smile Point Orthodontics

Smile point offers an unparalleled comprehensive treatment in Oakville for the utmost beauty of your teeth. The patients’ beautiful smiles and satisfaction are our orthodontic professionals’ priority. The clinic’s experienced orthodontic team applies innovative orthodontic methods to have your teeth aligned most appropriately. Teeth always have such a significant impact on your appearance and self-confidence that many people avoid smiling due to their teeth misalignment. Our certified Specialist in Oakville helps you fix your spaced-out and misaligned teeth and get the glorious smile you have always desired. Call our orthodontic practice and ask for a free consultation session with our qualified orthodontists in Oakville. By applying orthodontic treatment, you can enhance your smile. Your smile is important to us.


Braces can correct problems with your teeth, bite, and jaw. They are fixed and cannot be removed like Invisalign and need to be tightened at regular dental appointments. There are many options available to make braces much smaller, less noticeable, and more comfortable.



It is a modern way of treating orthodontic problems in a convenient way. They are clear, virtually invisible, removable liners that can straighten your smile without wires.

Invisalign trays are removable so you can brush and floss normally and this can help in preventing periodontal disease and tooth decay. If you prefer Invisalign, our team will take impressions of your smile using 3D imaging software to create unique trays made especially for you.

You will be give a new set of trays every two weeks that you need to use consistently so your dream smile can appear in the mirror sooner!

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Orthodontic FAQs

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment is a branch of cosmetic dentistry that is performed to fix crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth. Your teeth appearance gets significantly improved by professional orthodontic treatments. Besides, orthodontic treatments help you have healthier teeth and gum in the long run since chewing pressure equally divides on whole teeth when your teeth are perfectly aligned. Smile Point is a well-known center for orthodontics. At Smile Point, there is orthodontic care for patients of all ages in a warm and family-friendly environment.

Why is orthodontics necessary?

Orthodontics straightens your misaligned teeth or moves them to a better position on the gum and jaw bone. Teeth misalignment makes them look unsightly and affects the beauty of your smile negatively. Crooked teeth are not cleaned appropriately, and your teeth may become decayed over time. Although orthodontic treatment’s main priority is to enhance your smile and teeth, it is sometimes essential to keep excellent oral health. Orthodontics can reduce the extra stress that your jaw bone has to bear while chewing. Above all, orthodontic treatment requires a high amount of expertise and an orthodontist experience to be performed flawlessly. Our experienced orthodontists can provide the best treatment options to children and adults.

Smile Point orthodontic specialists are committed to ensuring that a brilliant smile is accessible for everyone. Your oral hygiene is very important to us. You can expect our expert orthodontist the best orthodontic services in Oakville with the least amount of time. Call today to schedule an appointment.

What makes the need for orthodontic treatment?

Many orthodontic issues are genetic. It means you inherit the shape and position of your teeth. However, several other factors develop by time passing and make your teeth misaligned or gapped. Tooth decay, breathing problems, accidents, and poor nutrition are among the significant reasons that cause the need for orthodontic treatments. As everyone knows, orthodontic treatment may be a time-consuming and tiring process by itself.

So, you should always find a well-equipped dental clinic that causes no worries for you during the orthodontic procedure. Smile point offers comfortable and high-quality orthodontic care, serving Oakville and the surrounding area. Our dedicated and highly trained staff provides you with a combination of innovative orthodontic methods and satisfactory customer services best in Oakville. So, call today to schedule your appointment.

What is the best age for orthodontics?

The best age for orthodontic treatment depends totally on a patient’s oral condition, but orthodontics is commonly performed on children aged between 8 to 14. Although orthodontics may work quicker in childhood, no one is ever too old to get orthodontic treatments. In fact, the orthodontics method can always be beneficial to have your teeth aligned and improve your smile’s beauty.

No matter what age, Smile Point dental clinic provides an array of orthodontic treatment and services include braces, retainers, and Invisalign, ranging from early childhood to early adulthood. With personalized and excellent orthodontic services, our reputable orthodontic specialists help you achieve your dreamy smile.

Why straighten teeth?​

Straighter teeth make chewing, biting, and speaking more effective than crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment makes it easier to remove the plaque and bacteria build-up and helps make the gums healthier. Orthodontic treatments make it possible for your teeth to align and chew equally and prevent the risk of tooth injury due to uneven alignment. Orthodontic treatment can also treat jaw pain, lockjaw, grinding, headache, and other TMD symptoms (TMJ).

What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Orthodontists are specialized in teeth and jaw alignment, but dentists can help patients have a cleaner, healthier smile through cleaning, X-rays, and even surgery.

How Long Does It Take to Become an Orthodontist?

It usually lasts ten to eleven years. An orthodontics student should study for eight years in a dental school or university. Then he should complete two years of residency or internship.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

On average, orthodontic treatment takes about 24 months. Some patients need less than 12 months, and some patients need three years of treatment. Each patient’s mouth is unique.

Does orthodontic treatment change your facial appearance?

Yes, orthodontic treatment can change a person’s face. Don’t worry. The changes are absolutely positive! The braces align your face, mouth, and jawline in a more symmetrical and natural appearance.

Smile Point dental clinic accepts all types of payment and our staff will provide you with direct billing to your insurance. Even for your emergency dental appointment, our Oakville Dentist, you won’t have to pay the big portion of your dental treatment, if your insurance covers your dental care.