Is Root Canal a Serious Dental Emergency?

One of the worst things to experience is a toothache, especially when you have important things to get done. You don’t want to start your day suffering from severe pain in your mouth, making you unable to do your everyday tasks. In such cases, visiting a professional emergency dentist is the most logical thing to do. Emergency dentists are professionals trained and educated for years to manage such conditions. It’s so important to take care of dental emergencies and address them immediately before they can lead to more severe problems.

Many visit our experienced emergency dentists in Oakville to receive emergency dental care right after facing a dental emergency. Having enough information about common types of dental emergencies helps you have the best reaction possible when facing them, which can increase your chance of saving the damaged tooth. A severely infected tooth is a common dental emergency that can usually be saved by root canal treatment. Many patients aren’t adequately informed about emergency root canal treatment and how it can benefit you to keep your smile shiny.

Today’s blog gives you all the answers you are looking for regarding emergency root canal treatment!

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What is root canal therapy?

Most people don’t have correct information about root canal treatment and consider it too painful and complicated. This beneficial treatment usually gets done in two dental visits with your emergency dentist. Sometimes, your emergency dentist in Oakville may refer you to a professional endodontist to receive better dental care services. The first step is to clean and numb the infected tooth to make the procedure easy and painless. Then, it’s time to remove the infected part of your tooth by creating a small hole in it. After extracting the infected pulp, your dentist needs to clean the interior of your tooth to fill it with a rubbery material. The last step is to cover your tooth with a cosmetic crown for more protection and to prevent possible problems.

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Does root canal therapy count as an emergency treatment?

The answer is yes! An infected tooth can cause dangerous situations, and infection can spread to other parts of your body. So, many emergency dentists provide same-day services to handle terribly bad cases to save their oral health. In order to prevent tooth infection, having a standard oral hygiene routine is unavoidable. Furthermore, it’s highly recommended to visit your experienced Oakville family dentist regularly for a checkup and professional dental cleaning to lessen the chance of dental infection.

What are the top signs of a tooth infection?

Typically, periodontal disease is the leading and most important cause of tooth infection. As a result, you have to try to keep your gums as healthy as possible. Finding your gums swollen, bleeding, and red is an important sign of tooth infection. Also, you have to visit your emergency dentist as soon as you feel severe, throbbing tooth pain. If you are lucky and visit your emergency dentist without hesitation, your tooth can be saved with tooth fillings instead of root canal therapy. Your dentist can explain the best possible treatment after necessary dental examinations and assessments using X-rays and other dentistry technologies.

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