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 Dental Implants Treatment

Many people avoid getting dental implants after facing one or several missing teeth just because they think the treatment is mainly associated with excruciating pain. However, the good news is that patients who experienced getting dental implants have admitted that it is not as painful and complicated as they expected. It may seem surprising to you, but dental implants are considered one of the least painful procedures in the dentistry world, and here in this article, you can understand why.

If you live in Oakville and look for a trusted dental clinic for dental implants, Smile Point Dental is the right destination. We offer top-quality dental services at an affordable rate beyond your expectations.

smile point dental implants
smile point dental implants

Why Is Not Dental Implant a Painful Procedure? 

Nerves in the Jaw Bone

In a dental implant procedure, like any other oral surgery, your gum and jaw bone tissue may get damaged to some extent, or you may even encounter bacterial infection. In addition, you should have heard that some of the most straightforward dental treatments, such as dental fillings, may cause discomfort. By the way, the root of your pain in the majority of dental processes is your teeth. This is because there are rather numerous pain-sensing nerves in a single tooth, and any damage to them may generate unbearable pain.

When getting dental implants, there is no tooth through which you have to suffer from pain as dental implants are surgically placed into your jaw bone. There are relatively fewer nerves in the jaw bone, and this makes the whole process less painful than the simplest dental treatments.


Dental implant specialists apply local anesthesia to numb the aimed area. They can also prepare you for flawless dental implant surgery through 3D imaging of the surgical site. The only thing you can feel during the dental implant procedure is pressure, not pain. Indeed, patients psychologically face some discomfort before getting dental implants and walk into the dental clinic with high levels of stress and tension. We should note that here at Smile Point Dental, we benefit from the latest equipment and the highest quality material to offer the best dental implants in Oakville. Calming environment, friendly staff, and the most professional dentists in our dental clinic will create the peace of mind you need for any dental treatment.

Post Protective Care for Dental Implants

Patients typically expect more pain and discomfort after getting dental implants rather than during the procedure. However, by following some easy instructions, you don’t need to be worried anymore. You can simply apply a cold compress on your cheek and near the implanted teeth and repeat the process for some days after dental implant surgery. Your dentist may also prescribe a few painkillers that you can take one of them if necessary. You shouldn’t forget that following the dentist’s instructions is of the essence for taking any medications. You would also better avoid hot and spicy food for the first day after getting dental implants. Regular visits and dental exams will help you prevent any further complications.

Referring to a trusted dental clinic such as Smile Point Dental makes you sure you can have a successful dental implant that works for a lifetime.


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