How to Treat a Decayed Tooth Under Crown?

tooth decay

One of the most common dental emergencies is tooth decay which many people struggle with daily. Your oral health is what you need to take care of to keep your teeth beautiful and shiny. Although many people try to maintain standard oral hygiene and follow their dentist’s instructions, they still face dental problems like dental decay. On the other hand, cosmetic dental procedures are becoming increasingly popular, and people are more interested in treatments like veneers or crowns. Here at Smile Point Dental Clinic in Oakville, our experienced dentists provide patients with various cosmetic dental treatments to meet their needs.

Unfortunately, many patients believe they won’t confront problems like tooth decay after getting dental restorations such as veneers. You should know that your tooth under the crown or veneer can still become decayed. Decay under the crown is a serious oral problem and can lead to serious mental health concerns. If left untreated, you may face more severe problems, including never damage or dental infection. Continue to read this blog if you want to learn more about decayed teeth under cosmetic crowns and how to treat them.

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What to Do with a Decayed Tooth under a Crown?

These restorative treatments, like dental crowns or cosmetic veneers, are designed to improve your smile appearance and fix visual dental problems. If you struggle with dental cracks, severe tooth discoloration, tooth chips, etc., you may be a great candidate for these restorative options. But if the decay occurs, it will quickly spread underneath the crown, which is why your cosmetic dentist should remove the crown along with the decay. Then adding a new dental crown is optional, but it’s recommended to protect the damaged tooth. Sometimes tooth decay is significantly developed and destroys the nerves. In such cases, root canal therapy by a professional endodontist in Oakville is highly recommended to save the damaged tooth. Otherwise, you need a tooth extraction.

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What Are the Common Causes of Tooth Decay under a Crown?

The leading and most effective cause of a decayed tooth under the crown is not knowing how to have proper oral hygiene. Propels who don’t have a standard dental hygiene routine are not able to remove all the food left on the teeth and surrounding areas. It can make your mouth a perfect place for harmful bacteria to grow, provide acid, and damage the tooth enamel. Try to have a good oral hygiene routine, and don’t forget to have regular dental examinations to ensure everything is fine.

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What Are the Symptoms of a Decayed Tooth under the Crown?

All types of tooth decay usually have similar symptoms warning you to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Ignoring these signs can lead to serious dental emergencies and other traumatic problems you don’t want to experience. Feeling severe pain, tooth sensitivity, bleeding, and inflamed gums are common symptoms of tooth decay under the crown.

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You must visit a cosmetic or emergency dentist as soon as you catch these symptoms. Be careful about your smile, as it’s precious!

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