How to Prepare Your Child for Braces

How to Prepare Your Child for Braces

Some beneficial experiences on Earth aren’t always enjoyable. Take getting braces, for example, particularly for children. The thought of having metal brackets on their teeth for one or two years might not excite them. However, as a parent, there are constructive steps you can take to ease the process for both you and your child. In this article, we’ll explore eight useful tips for preparing your child for braces, aiming to help them approach the treatment with a positive mindset. So, let’s delve into these suggestions!

Why Kids Need Braces?

Engage your children in a conversation about the significance of getting braces at their age. Emphasize the value of a straight smile not just now, but throughout their lifetime. Stress the importance of investing time in having braces for a while to achieve a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. Paint a picture of what their teeth will look like once the treatment is complete. Highlight the enduring benefits of having aligned teeth, including enhanced confidence. Acknowledge that there may be some discomfort initially, but reassure them that in the grand scheme of things, they won’t have to worry about the appearance of their teeth.

How to Prepare Your Child for Braces

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Familiarize your child with the office environment

Prior to the main appointment for getting braces, consider scheduling a pre-brace visit for your child. This visit allows them to become acquainted with their orthodontist and the treatment environment. By doing so, your child can feel more at ease, alleviate confusion, and openly address any questions or concerns about braces. Such a preliminary visit can significantly reduce your child’s anxiety surrounding the entire process.

Listen to their concerns

As a parent, it’s crucial to offer patient and attentive listening to your child’s fears and concerns. Encourage them to express their emotions openly, understanding that this process may be challenging for them, especially during the initial weeks following the placement of braces.

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Educate your child on oral hygiene

How to Prepare Your Child for Braces - Listen to their concerns

Ensuring adequate oral hygiene while wearing braces is crucial as they require extra care, time, and specific tools to prevent dental problems like cavities. Teaching your child about proper brushing and flossing techniques and incorporating them into your family’s routine helps instill these beneficial habits effortlessly. Once these habits become routine, your child won’t even have to think about them. Good oral hygiene practices are invaluable and can contribute to your child enjoying shiny and healthy teeth for life.

Choose soft foods

In the days leading up to getting braces and during the initial adjustment period, which typically lasts a couple of weeks, opt for soft foods such as soups, yogurt, and mashed potatoes for your child. These food choices are preferable as your child may experience soreness and discomfort after the orthodontist applies the braces. Consuming soft foods can help ease any discomfort and make chewing more comfortable for them.

Make it fun by personalizing colors

How to Prepare Your Child for Braces - personalizing colors

An enjoyable aspect of getting braces is that your child can select their preferred color for the bands. This adds a fun and personalized touch to the process, allowing them to actively participate and feel included in their orthodontic journey.

Orthodontic Wax Helps

Orthodontic wax is a handy material applied to brackets and wires to ease sore spots and minimize discomfort for your child. Be sure to apply it for them and teach them how to use it independently for times when you’re not available, such as when they’re at school.

Appreciate Their Effort

Acknowledge and celebrate the milestones your child achieves during their braces journey, whether it’s reaching treatment stages, overcoming challenges, or the exciting day of braces removal. This positive reinforcement not only boosts their morale but also makes them feel supported by you, fostering an easier journey through treatment.

Now, let’s join Lara and witness how her mom attempted to reassure her about getting braces.

Lara doesn’t like braces. She thinks she’ll look funny wearing them.

This is a dialogue between Lara and her mom:

How to Prepare Your Child for Braces - Appreciate Their Effort
  • Lara: “Mom, I’m really not keen on getting braces. They seem odd, and I’m worried they’ll be painful!”
  • Mom: “I understand, darling. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little anxious about something new like braces. However, getting braces is a positive decision that will enhance your smile and overall oral health in the long term.”
  • Lara: “But what if they cause pain? Some kids at school have mentioned that braces can be quite uncomfortable.”
  • Mom: “I understand your concern, and it’s perfectly natural to feel that way. Initially, there may be some discomfort as your teeth adjust, but the orthodontist will offer tools like orthodontic wax to alleviate any irritation. Additionally, we’ll ensure we have plenty of soft foods you enjoy available during the adjustment period.”
  • Lara: “I’m also afraid they’ll make me look funny, especially with those colored bands. What if other kids tease me about it?”
  • Mom: “I appreciate you sharing your concern. You know, colored bands can actually be a fun way to showcase your personality. You get to pick the colors, and it’s like having a unique accessory for your teeth. And don’t forget, your friends might find it cool too! Plus, it’s important to remember that having braces is just a temporary phase that ultimately leads to a beautiful, straight smile.”
  • Lara: “But what if I can’t enjoy my favorite snacks anymore? I really love popcorn, and I’ve heard you can’t have it with braces.”
  • Mom: “I understand how much you enjoy your snacks, and while it’s true that some foods may need to be avoided for a while, think about the delicious alternatives you can still enjoy, like ice cream and smoothies! It’s a small sacrifice for a short period that will result in a lifetime of a healthier and more confident smile.”
  • Lara: “I suppose so, but it still feels like a significant change.”
  • Mom: “Change can indeed feel daunting initially, but let’s view it as an exciting adventure. We’ll embark on this journey together, and I assure you we’ll make it as comfortable and positive as we can. Besides, once it’s all completed, you’ll have a gorgeous smile that you’ll be proud of. And remember, I’m right here to support you through every step of this process.”
  • Lara: really?
  • Mom: “Definitely! We’ll pick out exciting colors for the bands and discover tasty soft foods together. Believe me, having braces will only be a brief chapter in your life, and the outcome will be a fantastic, confident smile that you’ll love to flaunt.”

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We trust that these tips have been beneficial for you and your wonderful children as they navigate the braces process with comfort and ease.

At Smilepoint Dentistry in Oakville, we provide exceptional pediatric dentistry services, including orthodontic treatments. Our team of dentists is highly skilled in pediatric orthodontics and is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for children. We strive to make your child feel at ease and foster a positive relationship between them and their dentist.

Schedule a complimentary consultation at Smilepoint, where we’ll evaluate your child’s oral health to determine if braces are necessary and the optimal time to begin treatment.

If you’re seeking a reputable Orthodontist in Oakville to ensure your child’s dental health, Smilepoint is committed to providing outstanding care for their precious smiles, ensuring a bright future ahead.

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