How to Overcome a Dental Phobia?

How to Overcome a Dental Phobia?

How to Overcome a Dental Phobia?

Many people get stressed when it comes to dental appointments with a dentist in Oakville or anywhere else. Based on statistics, almost 75% of adults visiting a dentist experience fear and stress. However, around 10% are those with intense fear and anxiety diagnosed with dental phobia. Fear is our body’s defensive mechanism that helps to protect our physical and mental health.

So, slight fear and stress are totally understandable when you want to visit your dentist, especially in a dental emergency. Still, some of those who need to visit an emergency dentist avoid going to an emergency dental office because of their intense fear.

This detrimental dental phobia can harm your oral and dental health. Choosing an emergency dental clinic such as Smile Point Dental with a relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable environment can help you overcome your fear to a significant extent.

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Reasons for Dental Phobia or Dentophobia

Dental fear, dental anxiety, dentist phobia are other common names used for dental phobia, and all mean an extreme fear of going to a dental office or visiting a dentist. Experiencing a stressful situation in a dental office as a child is typically the main reason for dental phobia. Painful dental treatments may persuade a person not to refer to an emergency dental office one more time. During performing dental treatments, a dentist’s behavior significantly impacts how the patient feels about seeking dental care. Cosmetic dental treatments like dental implants are not as scary as emergency dental services.

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Tips to Overcome Your Dental Phobia

Making excuses is normal for not going to a dental office among those with dental phobia. They may say they don’t like their dentist’s behavior or don’t have enough time to visit a dentist. They may even nag about the high amount of money they should spend on dental services. Emergency dental treatments such as endodontics and tooth extraction may create the utmost level of fear for the person suffering from dental phobia. You would better know you can’t overcome your dental phobia unless you accept it. Do your best to find the root of your fear. Getting over a fear won’t be possible until you find the reason for it. Considering some simple points will help you bring your dental phobia to an end.

Find a Professional Dentist in Your Area

After finding a qualified dentist, like those who work in Smile Point Dental, make an appointment. Try to tell your dentist that you experience intense anxiety when you go to a dental office. This will let your dentist be more caring and gentle during your dental session and decide to talk about your fear and tell you some peaceful expressions such as “there is nothing to be worried about” so that you feel more relaxed.

Gain some information about dental tools

An odd-looking tray of dental tools and equipment is enough to make all your anxiety appear again, even if you are in a dental clinic to get orthodontics, which does not cause any pain. Take some time to get familiar with dentistry tools. Ask your dentist to explain their usage in only a few simple sentences. This will help you overcome your fear to a great extent.

Have everything under your control

Your dentist should inform you of what is going on during the dental procedure. When you know what is happening to your teeth, your stress will probably become under your control. Your dentist would better ask your permission before starting any dental procedure. Nonverbal signs will help you communicate with your dentist during the treatment and when you are not able to talk. With these signs, you can tell your dentist that your stress and anxiety are getting intense and intolerable so that he should stop continuing the process.

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Bring a person who can calm you down to the dental office

When a person you trust is with you during your dental exam, you will feel more relaxed. Remember, having a person who is afraid of dental procedures beside you will worsen your anxiety.

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