How to Avoid Common Complications of Dental Implant Surgery?

How to Avoid Common Complications of Dental Implant Surgery?

These days, it’s possible to replace missing naturally, thanks to the considerable advancements in dentistry. Missing teeth can be a big deal, affecting all aspects of your life negatively. Therefore, you can’t avoid replacing it if you want to keep your smile beautiful and healthy. Our professional dentists at Smile Point Dental are ready to provide you with the best tooth replacement services if you are tired of missing teeth. Among all the options you have available, dental implants are significantly popular and in demand. You can barely find a person who doesn’t know about dental implants. However, the implant procedure is a little bit complicated and requires your patience, time, commitment, and money. The success rate of dental implant surgeries is significantly high, guaranteeing stunning results. Still, you have to know no medical treatment, including dental implant procedure, works 100 percent of the time, and complications are always possible. So, is it possible to lessen the risk of dental implant complications? The answer is yes! If you like to get implants, here are some effective methods to avoid the most frequent complications.

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It’s time to quit smoking

Researches show that smokers face more dental emergencies and issues compared to non-smokers. For instance, many candidates for professional teeth whitening treatment are patients tired of their yellowed teeth caused by smoking. Also, the implant failure rate is higher in smokers as their teeth and gums aren’t healthy enough.

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Protect your face from damage

Your recovery period after getting dental implants is so important. While your implants heal and get fully attached to your jawbone, you should protect yourself from facial damage. If you experience dental trauma and your implant dentist isn’t available, visit your emergency dentist for same-day services and care.

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Choose your dentist carefully

Whether you want to get a cosmetic veneer or dental implant, you must choose your dentist carefully. Not all dentists are eligible and qualified to perform dental implant procedures. A careless or inexperienced implant dentist can cause you a lot of serious problems. If the implant doesn’t get inserted into your jawbone carefully, it can damage your tooth nerve. In such cases, you have to visit a skilled endodontist to see if there is any chance of saving your damaged tooth root. So don’t forget to check your dentist’s resume and ask all your questions before starting the treatment.

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Explain your full medical history to your dentist

Before starting the treatment, oral exams and assessments are necessary to determine your qualifications. Patients who suffer from periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems can’t be implant candidates. Furthermore, diabetic patients or those with insufficient jawbone density can’t get implants. It’s necessary to explain to your dentist all details about your medical history. Don’t forget any of the past treatments you experienced, like tooth fillings, root canal therapy, etc. This information helps your dentist to prevent further problems and make the right decision.

Last but not least, you have to be patient if you want to get a dental implant. There are things to do if you want to minimize the complications. Work with your implant dentist and wait for the best results!

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