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A family dentist practice is able to offer dental care for every member of your family, from the youngest children to teens, parents, and even grandparents. You can complete all your regular and preventative dental care at your local family dentist office such as Smile Point Dentistry in Oakville. This includes cleaning, fluoride treatments, fillings, crowns, and other care for your oral health.

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Dental Check-up by a Family dentist:

Our family dental office in Oakville is ready to help with all your family dentist needs. It is recommended that cleanings be booked every 6 months for children and for adults, and proper dental hygiene can be taught at a young age for a lifetime of healthy teeth. At your cleaning and scaling all the build up and plaque is removed from teeth, either with metal tools or a high pressure water spray. Teeth are cleaned, scaled, brushed, flossed, and fluoride treatments are provided. These treatments are preventative care and give the opportunity to find any places that require better brushing or improved habits, and can locate any weakened spots in teeth before they become full cavities. It also helps to catch cavities early so they can be repaired before they spread and cause increased damage to the tooth.

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Some of the situations which are treated as emergencies are as follows:

Dental Cavities:

When a cavity does occur our Oakville family dentist can offer the correct filing for the situation. Filings vary in both colour and material and it is important to find the correct filing for the age and position of the tooth, and the right filing will last years. If a filing needs extra support a crown can be placed over the tooth. A family dentist will asses the tooth and cavity to determine what filing is required then whether a crown will be required, and often both can be completed on the same day all in one appointment. It is important to fill any cavity as soon as possible to avoid it spreading or becoming infected and increasing the damage to the tooth, an untreated cavity can spread all the way to the root and lead to a root canal or require removal of the tooth completely.

We Welcome All New Patients to Our Oakville Family Dentistry

It might be difficult to choose a right family dentistry but you just found the right family dentist in Oakville for you and your family. Smile Point Dental provides all types of dental treatment to everyone in your family.

Dental Examination by Your Family Dentist:

It may be necessary for a dentist to require an x-ray of the mouth and teeth to ensure the proper growth and development, and to be certain the teeth are healthy and in the correct position. This is important in both children and adults, and a family dentist is able to have the x-ray completed on site and read the results immediately. This allows for proper dental care to be provided and for all cavities or root damage to be seen quickly and corrected.

We are here to help you in any dental issues you have. Our Oakville Dentistry provides all types of emergency dental services.

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Emergency Dental Care by your Family Dentistry:

It’s also very important to choose a dental office for all your family that is always available for you to provide emergency appointment when you need a dentist. Human’s teeth can always brake or some cavities might cause teeth pain. Smile Point Dental Clinic in Oakville is your family dentistry that can always provide you with emergency and same-day dental appointment. In your emergency dental appointment by your family dentist, you will be seen by a dentist that can solve your dental issue in a same day. Our office uses the latest dental technologies to provide exceptional services to our patients.

Smile Point Family Dentistry:

When choosing a family dentist check for a welcoming office that will help put children and parents alike at ease for their appointment, and be sure they have the tools for both children and adults. It is important for children to learn the dentist is a safe space and to help them to avoid dental fears and anxiety that can follow them into adulthood. Contact us for all your family dentist needs in Oakville.

Smile Point Family Dentistry accepts all new patients. We welcome everyone to our family dentistry to experience an exceptional dental services by Dr. Forootan and/or his associates with over 30 years of experience in dentistry.

We accept all types of payment such as cash, credit card, master card, debit card, American Express and all other forms of payments. Our office also provides direct billing to your insurance so the patient don’t have to worry about the most of the payment.

Smile Point dental clinic accepts all types of payment and our staff will provide you with direct billing to your insurance. Even for your emergency dental appointment, our Oakville Dentist, you won’t have to pay the big portion of your dental treatment, if your insurance covers your dental care.

FAQs about Family Dentistry Services

Since there are a lot of family dentists in each neighborhood, you may have many questions about them and their services. At Smile Point Dental, our experienced and professional dentists in Oakville have provided a list of the most frequently asked questions about their family dentistry services. Besides, if you have a question not included in the list, you can consult our Oakville dentists or visit our modern dental clinic in Oakville to make an appointment and have a free consultation with us. 

Our highly skilled family dental specialists in Oakville provide comprehensive oral healthcare for all patients. At the same time, our experienced Oakville emergency dentists specialize in immediate care for urgent dental care and emergencies.

Whether you need an emergency dentist or a family dentist near Oakville and the surrounding area, we are here to help. 

Our highly-trained walk-in dentist in Oakville points out that the majority of patients are advised to schedule regular oral evaluations and dental check-ups every six months. However, individuals with certain oral medical conditions may need to have shorter intervals between visits.  

You can consult with our family dentist in Oakville to determine the number of your dental visits based on your unique dental needs.

Determining the exact cost of family dentistry services in Oakville is impossible due to the diverse range of treatments offered. Smile Point Dental’s knowledgeable dentists in Oakville clarify that the cost is influenced by factors such as the specific dental procedure, the number of necessary sessions, and the severity of the dental condition.

If you require further details regarding the cost of family dentistry services in Oakville, we encourage you to contact our Oakville dentists without hesitation.