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Have you ever been curious about the process of fixing a cavity? Dentists have a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to dental fillings. Join us at Smile Point Family Dentistry in Oakville to explore different material types of dental fillings in Oakville available today. We’ll cover everything from the traditional choice of amalgam fillings to the aesthetically pleasing option of composite fillings, as well as the durable and visually appealing ceramic fillings. We’ll also give you an insight into the versatility of glass ionomer fillings and the premium choice of gold fillings. By understanding the pros and cons of each filling material, you’ll be able to make the right decision about your dental health. Before going through the information, remember that we’re always available at Smile Point Family Dentistry for any consultation you may need. Now, let’s dive into the world of tooth-filling material.

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Types of Dental Filling

Amalgam Fillings

For many years, amalgam fillings have been a go-to choice in dentistry. These fillings are made up of a blend of metals like silver, mercury, tin, and copper and have consistently shown their reliability and long-lasting nature in restoring teeth.

Longevity is the best thing about amalgam fillings. They can endure all the chewing forces and stay strong for years, making them a cost-effective choice. Additionally, amalgam fillings are known for their resistance to wear and tear, which makes them a suitable choice for molars and teeth that undergo heavy chewing.

Another great benefit of amalgam fillings is that they are affordable. When compared to ceramic or gold fillings, amalgam fillings are much more budget-friendly. This makes them a preferred option, especially for individuals without dental insurance coverage.

However, it’s important to address concerns surrounding the presence of mercury in amalgam fillings. While the American Dental Association (ADA) and other reputable organizations assure the safety of amalgam fillings, some individuals may still have doubts about the possible risks linked to mercury.

In terms of aesthetics, amalgam fillings are more noticeable compared to other options. The dark metallic appearance can be a drawback for those seeking a more natural-looking smile. However, for molars and back teeth, where appearance is less of a concern, amalgam fillings remain a reliable and practical choice. To make a wise decision, it’s advisable to have a discussion with your dentist and express any concerns you may have.

Amalgam Fillings

Composite Fillings

If you want a dental filling that perfectly matches your real teeth, composite feelings are a great choice. Made from a combination of plastic and glass particles, these fillings not only work well but also look natural.

One of the main advantages of composite fillings is their natural appearance. They can be matched to the color of your tooth so well that the filling becomes practically invisible compared to the rest of your enamel. This feature makes composite fillings an excellent choice for front teeth or any other areas that are visible when you smile.

Another advantage of composite feelings is their versatility. Unlike other fillings, they can be applied in a conservative manner, requiring less tooth preparation. This means that only a minimal amount of healthy tooth structure needs to be removed, making the procedure more conservative and less invasive.

Another benefit of composite fillings is their ability to bond directly to the tooth structure. This bonding process adds extra support and helps strengthen the tooth. Additionally, composite fillings are less likely to cause temperature sensitivity as opposed to amalgam fillings, which can expand and contract with temperature changes.

It’s essential to keep in mind that composite fillings may have some disadvantages. The material they are made of makes them more susceptible to staining over time, especially if they are exposed to substances such as coffee, tea, or tobacco. Moreover, composite fillings may have a slightly higher risk of chipping compared to amalgam or ceramic fillings.

Also, when it comes to expenses, composite fillings are usually more costly compared to amalgam fillings. However, many individuals find the aesthetic benefits to be well worth the investment.

Composite Fillings

Ceramic Fillings

Over the past few years, ceramic fillings have become increasingly popular for their outstanding combination of strength and beauty. Whether constructed from porcelain or dental ceramic materials, these fillings offer a natural-looking and long-lasting solution for repairing your teeth.

Like composite feelings, one of the key benefits of ceramic fillings is that they can closely resemble the natural look of tooth enamel. By matching the color of the material to your existing teeth, the restoration becomes practically invisible. That’s why Ceramic fillings are a great option for those who want both practicality and a pleasing appearance.

Ceramic fillings are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also incredibly durable. They can resist wear and tear caused by chewing for an extended period, making them a reliable option for both front and back teeth. With ceramic fillings, you can expect long-term stability and functionality.

There is more to Ceramic fillings than just durability and visual appeal. They are also known as being stain-resistant. Unlike composite fillings, ceramic fillings won’t discolor or lose their translucency, so you can enjoy a bright and vibrant smile for years to come.

However, it’s important to note that ceramic fillings tend to be more expensive when compared to other options. The reason behind this is the use of specific materials and the complex process involved in crafting ceramic restorations, which adds to their higher price point. Moreover, getting ceramic fillings might involve multiple trips to the dentist since they are individually made in a dental laboratory.

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Glass Ionomer Fillings

Versatility and uniqueness are the hallmarks of glass ionomer fillings for tooth restorations. These fillings consist of a blend of acrylic and glass powders, making them a durable and flexible dental material.

Glass ionomer fillings have a great advantage in that they can release fluoride. This feature not only prevents more decay but also strengthens the tooth structure as time goes on. That’s why glass ionomer fillings are especially beneficial for people who are more susceptible to cavities or have a higher risk of tooth decay.

In dentistry, glass ionomer fillings are incredibly versatile. Dentists can utilize them for a variety of dental restorations, ranging from small to moderate-sized cavities to fillings in root surfaces. Additionally, they can also be used as a liner or base for other types of fillings. This flexibility allows dentists to choose them confidently in different situations.

Glass ionomer fillings have the advantage of being able to form a chemical bond with the tooth structure. This results in a sturdy and reliable attachment, minimizing the chances of the filling getting dislodged or coming out. Moreover, this chemical bonding process aids in sealing the tooth, offering an extra layer of defense against bacteria and decay.

However, it’s important to mention that glass ionomer fillings do have certain limitations. They are generally not as long-lasting as materials like amalgam or ceramic and may not be the best choice for areas that undergo heavy chewing or significant pressure. Moreover, glass ionomer fillings may wear down more easily and may require more frequent replacement.

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Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are not as popular as other alternatives. However, they are an excellent option for certain dental restorations.

Gold fillings are known for their outstanding durability. Thanks to gold’s exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion, it is a top choice for areas that experience high levels of chewing pressure. With a lifespan of several decades, you can trust gold fillings to provide a reliable and long-lasting restoration.

Moreover, gold fillings offer a meticulous fit. Created exclusively for you in a dental laboratory based on impressions of your teeth, these fillings provide a restoration that fits with utmost precision, minimizing the potential for additional decay or damage.

However, it’s important to consider that gold fillings are more expensive compared to alternative materials. The cost of gold, along with the labor-intensive process required to create these fillings, contributes to their premium price. Furthermore, the visual aspect may be a factor for some people, as gold fillings are more noticeable and may not blend perfectly with their natural teeth.

Gold Fillings

Which dental filling material is right for you?

All in all, choosing the right dental filling material is an important decision that depends on several factors. Amalgam fillings are known for their durability and affordability, while composite fillings offer a natural look. Ceramic fillings excel in both strength and aesthetics, and glass ionomer fillings are versatile and release fluoride. Gold fillings, although more expensive, are exceptionally durable and provide a precise fit. Each option has its own advantages and considerations, including cost, appearance, and longevity. It is crucial to consult with a dental professional to determine the most suitable filling material for your specific needs and preferences. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a functional and visually pleasing restoration that improves your oral health and overall well-being.

Smile Point Dental Clinic provides an extensive array of dental services, encompassing dental implants, crowns and bridges, fillings, dentures, teeth whitening, dental veneers, wisdom tooth extraction, root canal therapy, pediatric dentistry, and more, ensuring that all your oral health requirements are expertly addressed with care.

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