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The term ‘root canal’ is used because the cleaning occurs deep in the root of the tooth. A root canal therapy is required for a badly damaged or infected tooth. This may include a cracked tooth, a very deep cavity, tooth trauma, or a tooth that requires repetitive dental treatments. In this procedure, the endodontist will clean, shape, and disinfect the tooth or pulp’s infected portion.

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What Is Endodontics:

Endodontics is a dental specialty that performs root canal therapy, and endodontists are dental specialists. In this procedure, the tooth is cleaned by the endodontist. To get started, you may receive an x-ray by the endodontist. Then the root and damaged material are removed, and a filling is completed in the emptied areas. If an infection is present, it will be treated with antibiotics, and an abscess that has formed may be drained before a procedure can proceed. Any buildup of infection can interfere with the safety of the procedure and keep the anesthesia from working, meaning the patient would feel both the pain of the procedure and all that goes with it. It can then be followed with a surface filing if there was a cavity or crack in the tooth and may be completed with a crown as necessary. Due to the complicated nature of the procedure, some family dentists cannot complete a root canal therapy, and you should refer to an endodontist. Call to book your consultation with our endodontist specialist in our Oakville endodontics clinic. You should visit a certified endodontist to decide the best course of root canal therapy. At the next appointment, our endodontist in Oakville begins the root canal therapy procedure. With new developments, most root canal therapies can be completed in one appointment. Contact us to book an appointment for root canal therapy in Oakville.

Why Endodontics:

This procedure is a difficult dental procedure that may require an endodontist specialist. While some family dentists may take the additional training and can offer a general root canal, some will require a referral to an endodontist specialist for the procedure. A licensed endodontist will have more experience in the particular procedure and the alternatives, as well as how to complete the procedure with a crown that is built to fit, when a root canal therapy does not work, and a tooth extraction is necessary. An endodontist specialist can remove the tooth as needed or will have another dentist endodontist complete the procedure. See our trained and certified endodontists at Smile Point dental clinic, Oakville, Toronto.

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When Endodontics Results in Extraction:

Sometimes, the tooth is too damaged, maybe missing too many pieces, or could have an infection that makes a root canal therapy unsuitable or impossible. In these cases, first our certified endodontist will remove the infection, and then a further decision on treatment will be made. Occasionally a tooth will not be able to be salvaged with a root canal therapy, at which point it will be removed instead, and a crown or dental implant can be considered. These procedures may be completed by the endodontist with significant experience or may be referred back to your primary dentist for treatment. Our endodontics dentistry in Oakville is able to provide for all your dental and endodontic needs. Visit our endodontist in order to determine any other treatment.

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Oakville Endodontist FAQ:

What is Root Canal Therapy?

When a cavity goes deep enough to reach a tooth’s nerve, it causes pain and infection. When this occurs, a tooth either has to be fully removed or can be treated with root canal therapy to salvage it. During root canal treatment, an endodontist who specializes in treating takes out all the affected nerve ends of the tooth, cleans and shapes the canals to fill it up with an artificial material that is biocompatible to the jaw tissues. Root canal therapy used to take several sessions, but we can finish it in one session with improved technology.

Do I need a crown or a cap after Root Canal Therapy?

Usually, teeth on which root canal therapy is performed by an endodontist are extensively damaged and become more prone to damage. Therefore, it is advised that a crown or cap be put in place to prevent further damage to the teeth.

How to Choose the Right Endodontist Specialist in Oakville?

If you are looking for a root canal therapist or an endodontist specialist in Oakville, we recommend that you call Smile Point Dental Clinic. While our office uses the latest technology in the dental world, our dentists and world-renowned endodontists have over 30 years of experience. Our endodontist team at Smile Point Dental Clinic in Oakville will provide you with an exceptional service that after your first visit with your endodontist, you will choose to stay with us forever.
Call us today for a same-day or an emergency appointment for your root canal therapy in Oakville. Our endodontist team is always here to help you choose the best path to save your tooth with root canal therapy instead of pulling out your teeth. Our dentists are certified endodontists serving the Oakville and surrounding area.

How to Care about Root Canal Therapy?

Teeth, on which root canal therapy is performed by an endodontist, should not be used for chewing for a specified amount of time that will be provided by our endodontist team. Post root canal therapy, normal oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing can be continued. A crown sometimes may be placed on the root canal treated tooth to protect the remaining tooth structures, which may be brittle. If the tooth does not heal and becomes painful, please consult an endodontist.

What are the Steps for Root Canal Therapy?

There are several steps that an endodontist performs over several office visits for a root canal treatment. During the initial procedure, the endodontist will take x-rays to detect the location of decay. Once the site of decay is located, your procedure may be scheduled for your next visit. During this visit with your endodontist, local anesthesia will be applied to the tooth to eliminate any pain caused by the procedure. Although the term root canal may be concerning, and patients may be petrified of the endodontist, the procedure should not be any more painful than a regular dental filling.
When the tooth is completely frozen, the endodontist removes the pulp from the tooth. Once the pulp space is refilled, the tooth is sealed off with medical-grade cement. Typically, root canal treatments in Oakville only require one visit. In some cases, however, several treatments may be needed.

What are the Advantages of Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatments have the following advantages:
1- More efficient chewing
2- Restores normal sensation and biting force
3- Restores natural appearance
4- Protects other teeth from extra wear and tear, or strain
5- Limits extended dental work.

Which Tooth Can Have a Root Canal Therapy?

In most cases, all your teeth can be treated for a root canal, however a tooth may not be savable due to insufficient bone support or other issues, which cannot restored.

Do I Need a Crown or a Cap after Root Canal Therapy?

Usually, teeth on which root canal therapy is performed by an endodontist are extensively damaged and become more prone to damage. Therefore, endodontists offer a crown or cap in place to prevent further damage to the teeth.

Is Root Canal Therapy Always a Successful treatment?

Root canal therapy is mostly safe and effective, and, in ninety-five percent, is a successful treatment. But like any other medical or dental procedure, root canal therapy sometimes fails. This is usually because of loose crowns, broken teeth, or new caries. Teeth on which root canal therapy is performed by an endodontist can be destroyed soon after surgery, or even years later.

Is Root Canal Therapy a Painful Process?

During root canal treatment, an endodontist who specializes in such treatment removes the infected or damaged pulp. Then the tooth will be cleaned by the endodontist. People are petrified of the endodontist and the root canal therapy since it is believed to be a painful process. Most people report that this method is no more painful than putting a dental filling.

What to Eat and Not to Eat after Root Canal Therapy?

When your endodontist has performed root canal therapy, you should consider eating soft foods two to three days after the process. Endodontists offer not eating too hot or cold foods or drinks and crunchy or hard food. You can rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to reduce the pain.

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