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The skillful staff at Smile Point Dental in Oakville is ready to provide treatments for all your dental needs. In our dental clinic, you are welcomed any time of the day if you have any kind of dental emergencies.

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Same-day Dentist in Oakville

Emergency dental issues cannot be overlooked. If you don’t attend to it at the golden time, it can lead to severe damage. If you are in Oakville, we have great news for you. Our emergency specialists at Smile Point Dental with the best dentist in Oakville understand how valuable your time is. For patients who need urgent dental care, we can book a same-day appointment. The same-day dentists at Smile Point Dental clinic are known to be the most skilled ones in Oakville. Our group of professional emergency dentists at Smile Point Dental in Oakville will respect all your dental concerns and compassionately help you with them. This is our policy: we care about your pain and your time. Our same-day dentists at Smile Point want you to know that your pain matters to them, and they will relieve the pain in the blink of an eye. 

Same-day Emergency Dental Services

Everyone faces emergency dental issues once in a while; they are unexpected and unavoidable. We just want to assure you that our same-day dentists in Oakville realize how timing matters while having dental emergencies. Our emergency dental experts DO know that if some of the dental issues are not treated in time, they can have tremendous consequences. Recognized as the most advanced dental clinic in Oakville, our team put all its effort into making it easy for you to visit our same-day dentists as soon as possible. Smile Point Dental clinic is the only emergency dental clinic in Oakville. We gladly welcome our patients seven days a week- including new patients. So, any time you need urgent dental help, Smile Point Dental clinic is the one you can trust.

What We Do

Dedicated same-day dentists at Smile Point don’t care if it’s midnight or holiday; if you live in Oakville, they will always be delighted to attend to your dental needs. We are aware that dental emergencies can be painful and require immediate action. Our experts will do a comprehensive examination in the most warming walk-in dental office in Oakville using brand-new technology. This is the first step in emergency care to evaluate your dental status. By the exact diagnosis, our emergency dentists will apply the most suitable treatment for you. For example, if your tooth nerve is damaged, it must be healed by root canal therapy. Here at Smile point dental clinic, we provide you with the finest endodontic treatments. Besides, to make your repaired tooth look well, our experienced dentists may suggest you have dental crowns and bridges. But if you ignore your emergency dental issue, such as a broken tooth, it progresses to a severe case. Then, there may be no way except to extract your tooth and replace it with a dental implants treatment.

Who Needs Same-Day Emergency Dental Services?

While you cannot predict emergency dental services needed, be assured that the emergency dental clinic offers exceptional same-day urgent dental services to assist you in case of oral discomfort.

Our emergency dental services in Oakville are equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergency conditions, ensuring you receive the necessary care for various urgent conditions. Some of the common dental emergency cases we expertly treat include:

  • Excruciating toothaches
  • Cracked or chipped teeth requiring immediate attention
  • Loose or lost fillings that require prompt replacement
  • Urgent root canal therapy to alleviate severe dental pain
  • Swollen and painful gums or jaw, indicating potential infection or inflammation
  • Oral injuries resulting from accidents or trauma

Rest assured that our experienced same-day dentist in Oakville is well-prepared to address these dental emergencies precisely and efficiently, ensuring your oral health and well-being are promptly restored.

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Having Same-day Emergency Treatments

No matter what kind of emergency dental treatment you need, here at Smile Point in Oakville, our dedicated dentists do their best to provide a no-pain-treatment for you at a same-day appointment. So, do not get worried about the pain you may experience. We are a group of the most professional emergency dentists at Smile Point who will use the latest methods to provide the most comfortable emergency dental treatment to all patients. Visit us and get rid of any dental issue without waiting for an appointment.

SAME DAY Dentist in Oakville

Smile Point dental clinic accepts all types of payment and our staff will provide you with direct billing to your insurance. Even for your emergency dental appointment, our Oakville Dentist, you won’t have to pay the big portion of your dental treatment, if your insurance covers your dental care.