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Accidents can happen anytime, especially for you teeth. That is why we have a team of emergency dentists in Oakville available to provide you with an emergency dental care when you need an emergency dentist.

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Smile Point Dental proudly offers the best solution to deal with severe dental emergencies in Oakville in a calming and friendly environment. From a knocked-out tooth to bleeding gums, our emergency dentists specialize in emergency dental treatments for various dental emergencies and bring you relief and comfort.
Here, we fully understand the importance of urgent dental care and are always ready to welcome walk-in patients. So, when facing a dental emergency, you can head to our emergency dental clinic without booking an appointment in advance. Our trusted emergency dentist in Oakville works round the clock to deliver prompt dental attention and compassionate dental care our valued patients deserve.
We take pride in gathering top emergency dentists in Oakville with years of successful experience and immense expertise. Smile Point Dental is a name you would better always remember.

Insurance Coverage for Dental Emergencies

Securing the right insurance coverage for dental emergencies, including emergency dental services, can offer peace of mind and financial reassurance.
Dental insurance plans often include provisions specifically designed to address emergency dental care needs, ensuring that necessary treatments, such as emergency tooth extraction or emergency wisdom tooth removal, are accessible without imposing overwhelming out-of-pocket expenses.
At Smile Point Dental clinic, we offer flexible payment options to accommodate your needs, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you with direct billing to your insurance, taking the hassle out of payment arrangements.
Rest assured, even for your emergency dental appointment with our esteemed Oakville Dentist, you can have peace of mind knowing that if your insurance covers your dental care, you won’t be burdened with a significant portion of the treatment costs. Your focus can remain on receiving the highest quality dental care without worrying about finances.

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More Info and Statistics about Dental Emergencies in Oakville, Ontario

Over 70% of Oakville residents visit an emergency or regular dentist annually. The percentage reaches over 80% for those referring to a dental clinic once in two years. The results show that many people avoid dental emergencies as much as possible through regular dental checkups. In other words, a quarter of people visit a dental clinic only in the event of a dental emergency.
At Smile Point Emergency Dental Clinic in Oakville, the number of patients requiring urgent dental care has decreased by up to 50 % over the past ten years. Besides, the number of men referring to our emergency dental clinic is more than women due to the event of a dental emergency. Here is a quick comparison of dental emergency statistics in 2010 with the same in 2021:

  • The percentage of the population annually consulting a dentist has increased from 41% to 78%.
  • The rate of children requiring emergency dental care has decreased from 68% to 27%.
  • The percentage of adults with a dental emergency requiring urgent dental care has reduced from 89% to 52%.

These rates indicate the number of people who care about their oral health has increased to a significant extent. However, some dental emergencies occur due to an injury to the face or an accident. Almost 24% of people referring to our Oakville emergency dental clinic have a severely decayed tooth. On the other hand, around 52 % of patients visit our emergency dentist in Oakville due to periodontal disease. The rest of the patients, almost 24%, come to our emergency dental clinic because of a sudden dental emergency, such as a knocked-out tooth.

Smile Point Dental provides you with regular dental checkups so that you can prevent some types of dental emergencies efficiently. Our Oakville emergency oral surgeons are ready to provide emergency oral surgeries and treatments most professionally. All kinds of dental emergencies require urgent dental care, and this is why our patients experience the minimum waiting time to visit our Oakville emergency dentists.

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Top FAQs Provided by Our Professional Emergency Dentist

When it comes to dental emergency conditions, the sooner you refer to an emergency dental clinic, the better. Below, we have provided the most common questions our patients ask during their urgent dental appointments in our Oakville emergency dental clinic to help you know what you should expect from dental emergency visits: 

Opting for an emergency dental treatment may seem frightening for many patients as they are concerned about the prices. Emergency dental procedures are diverse and accordingly offered at different costs. Moreover, our emergency dentist in Oakville also examines your issue and oral health as the first step. Then we can determine the precise cost of your emergency dental treatment. For instance, a dental filling can averagely cost between $200 to $250. The cost of endodontics ranges from $500 to $1200, depending on the complexity of your procedure. You can always contact Smile Point Dental to gain more information about the cost of emergency dental services in Oakville.

The most common dental emergency is sudden severe pain in your tooth or teeth. It may be caused by cavities or even tooth decay. If it happens to you, rinse your mouth with warm water and floss to remove any food particles that may be stuck between your teeth.

If you are suffering from a severe toothache that lasts for more than one to two days, it will be considered a dental emergency. An advanced cavity or infected tooth may cause a severe toothache. If you leave the toothache untreated, it will get worse.

A toothache may be painful in the day, but it can get worse at night. One of the reasons is that blood flows to the head when a person is lying down and cause severe toothache pain.

Regular dental exams and cleanings help you stay away from some types of dental emergencies. An emergency dentist diagnoses minor dental issues during a checkup session and prevents them from becoming a real dental emergency. You will never need costly and lengthy emergency treatments down the road in such a case. However, some other emergency dental problems, like a knocked-out tooth, typically happen out of a sudden and require urgent dental care. Here at Smile Point Dental, our Oakville emergency dentist is ready to treat your dental emergency in the most professional way. Get in touch with our caring team and schedule your appointment right away.

Dental emergencies typically occur when you least expect them. However, some influential factors may prevent a dental emergency or practically deal with an emergency dental problem. Here at Smile Point Emergency Dental Clinic, trusted emergency dentists have provided some beneficial tips on keeping dental emergencies at bay:

Maintaining a Good Oral Hygiene

Simple dental care habits such a brushing your teeth twice a day is the best way to prevent dental emergencies such as bleeding gums. If you want to stave off tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, tooth abscess, and other dental emergencies, you would best keep your oral hygiene seriously and at the highest level. This will help you not require emergency dental care to a significant extent.

Being Mindful of the Diet

It may be surprising that our diet is what we should consider avoiding many dental emergencies. Several emergency dental issues are preventable when your body intakes a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Although inevitable, some dental emergencies won’t appear as far as you have a healthy diet.  

Break Bad Habits to Prevent a Dental Emergency

Most dental emergencies occur due to a bad habit such as biting your nails. No one desires to visit an emergency dentist and undergo emergency dental care. So, it would be best if you break your bad habits as soon as possible.

The Most Common Dental Emergency Problems

Some of the situations which are treated as emergencies are as follows:

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A tooth that gets knocked out

When a tooth is knocked out through traumatic contact of something with the tooth, there is a chance that it can be replaced, though it is limited, if it can be addressed by the dentist quickly enough. They can sometimes be placed back in, regrow their roots, and attach them to the gums. Reach out to our emergency dental specialist in Oakville within 30 minutes to save your knocked out tooth. Besides, when your tooth is lost, we can replace it through cosmetic dentistry and with services like Emergency broken tooth repair, same day dentist in Oakville, Emergency dental repair, Emergency root canal therapy

Dental Abscess

An abscess tooth is also considered a dental emergency, and you should locate your nearest emergency dentist as soon as possible. This is usually caused by an infection that must be treated with antibiotics or drained, and the tooth itself then requires repair.

We are here to help you with any dental issues you have. Our Oakville emergency dentist provides all types of emergency dental services, such as tooth filling or endodontic treatment, to reduce or even eliminate the risk of dental abscess.

Loss of filling

When a tooth filling falls out, it may not be an emergency, a small filing can be replaced a few days after it occurs, but a larger filing or one close to the roots requires repair quickly. An emergency dentist appointment should be made to assess the location and size of the filing to determine if it needs replacing immediately or soon or if it will require an urgent root canal or removal to correct. Leaving this too long will result in more damage to the tooth and a harder repair. Contact our emergency dental clinic in Oakville if you have lost your dental filling.

We are here to help you in any dental issues you have. Our Oakville Dentistry provides all types of emergency dental services.

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Broken braces

Broken braces are considered a dental emergency and should be treated by an emergency dentist or orthodontist as soon as possible. This may cause increased damage to the remainder of the braces or the teeth and can cause injury to the tongue and cheeks. It is important to address this concern quickly and correctly to get the most out of your braces and to keep teeth healthy and in place.

If emergency dental situations are ignored, there is a high probability of permanent damage to your teeth. This makes future treatment more complicated and expensive. Our Emergency Dentist in Oakville is here to meet all your emergency dental needs, book your regular care appointment and improve your oral hygiene to help you avoid emergencies before they occur.

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Clear Indicators Urging Immediate Dental Emergency Care

Dental emergencies encompass a range of degrees of severity and manifest in different ways. Yet, if left unattended, they can escalate, damaging your overall health and well-being.

Understanding the signs to watch for can prevent the misinterpretation of a dental emergency as a transient issue, allowing you to take timely action.

Toothache and Inflammation

Localized discomfort and swelling are prevalent indications of a toothache. While certain remedies available at home or over the counter may temporarily alleviate the pain and diminish the swelling, these symptoms generally signify a bacterial infection that cannot be adequately addressed without the help of professional emergency dentist.

A Loose Tooth

In adults, the occurrence of a loose tooth is an uncommon event. It clearly indicates that the gums have weakened and cannot provide adequate support to the tooth.

As our emergency dentist in Oakville explains, regardless of the underlying cause, it should be regarded as an unmistakable warning that demands attention and should not be disregarded.

Dental Sensitivity

Dental sensitivity is a prevalent oral issue that manifests as a sharp, sudden pain when natural teeth are exposed to foods and beverages with various temperatures. Individuals experiencing tooth sensitivity encounter this discomfort regularly.
Don’t hesitate to call our emergency dental clinic if you need the help of an experienced emergency dentist near Oakville and the surrounding area.
Our dedicated team is ready to spring into action, employing cutting-edge techniques and innovative strategies to relieve your discomfort swiftly, address your condition, and safeguard against potential complications through top-notch dental emergency services.

In addition to our exceptional emergency dental care, our dental emergency clinic in Oakville has garnered a stellar reputation for delivering unparalleled cosmetic dental procedures that can transform your smile into a work of art.
From professional teeth whitening and the application of exquisite dental veneers to the precision of teeth implants and the discreet alignment of Invisalign, our range of cosmetic dentistry services is designed to cater to individuals seeking a picture-perfect smile.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to us now and discover the world of cosmetic dentistry in Oakville.

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Smile Point dental clinic accepts all types of payment and our staff will provide you with direct billing to your insurance. Even for your emergency dental appointment, our Oakville Dentist, you won’t have to pay the big portion of your dental treatment, if your insurance covers your dental care.