Denture Treatment
Denture Treatment
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Denture Treatment

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. They can replace a full set of teeth (complete denture), or just missing teeth (partial denture). Dentures are easy to remove and replace in your mouth. As dentures feels like having an object inside your mouth, it might be difficult at first to adapt, but with the dental advancements, they are much more comfortable and natural looking than ever before.

A special acrylic base is used in the colour of your gums for the dentures. For full dentures, a horseshoe-shaped base is used to cover the gums of your mouth. Dentures can feel painful and uncomfortable for some patients for a period of a few weeks up to a few months. While getting used to dentures your tongue might feel congested and produce more saliva for some period. But as you get adapted to them, dentures become more comfortable.

There may also be difficulty when pronouncing some words, but with time this also improves.
If you experience any clicking sounds while speaking, visit your dentist and let them examine the dentures. Dentures can also slip a little while laughing or coughing. It can be repositioned by biting down and swallowing. if you still find difficulty speaking after some time, talk to your dentist and let them make an adjustment.

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