Dental Fillings
Dental Fillings
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Dental Fillings

Fillings are used to restore teeth which have been damaged by cavities or fracture. Fillings have the capability to return the normal function of teeth and prevent further decay. We use different materials like composite resin and amalgam for fillings. The choice of the material depends on the condition of the tooth, including the size of the cavity, depth of the cavity, type of tooth, the benefits of the materials, aesthetics, and patient`s preferences.

Dentists have several methods to identify the condition of the tooth and can estimate the need for a filling. By using specific tools, dentists probe the teeth and diagnose the reason behind discoloration, as it does not always mean a cavity. Sometimes a cavity can be seen only by using a radiograph and not with your eyes. While filling a tooth, we can administer local anesthesia to help numb that area. Then we can remove any decayed structure and shape it properly to place the filling. A tooth-coloured filling material is placed inside the prepared tooth structure. Finally, we will check if the filling is neither too high nor too short and that is matches your normal bite.


Restoration FAQ:

1- I brush my teeth every day but I have cavities, what is wrong?
Tooth decay starts because we have bacteria in our mouths which can ferment food and make acid which cause the tooth structure to dissolve. It usually starts in a couple of minutes and ends in thirty minutes after having food, particularly with sweets.

2-What should I do when I got a cavity?
We need to remove the decay and fill the tooth back up to its proper shape. The filling can be tooth coloured, metal, or bonded composites.

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