Dental Crown

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A crown is used to protect damaged teeth and provides support, as well as improves its shape, alignment, and appearance. Crowns are generally placed over tooth or implant which enhances the bite and function of respective tooth. Crowns are usually made up of metals, porcelain and gold. among these, porcelain is the most common choice as it matches the natural colour of teeth.

The minimum number of visits required for a crown are two. In the first visit, the dentist will examine the tooth and perform necessary procedures on the tooth. The tooth is shaped according to the type of crown material selected. The dentist will prepare a replica of the tooth in a mold to get the perfect fit of the crown. A temporary crown is placed on the weakened tooth to protect it until the permanent crown gets made.

Dental Crown

Bridge FAQ

I have a missing tooth, is a bridge or implant recommended?

This depends on situation and other factors. If the teeth beside the empty space are intact and healthy, a single implant is the best procedure, but when those teeth are already damaged and there is a need for a crown for protection, a bridge should be considered.

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