Common Risks of Not Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Common Risks of Not Replacing Your Missing Teeth

If you are thinking about resolutions to be healthier and more positive, it’s better to start with your smile. The health of your gums and teeth should be carefully maintained to have a flawless, brilliant smile. Still, many people struggle with different dental problems threatening oral health and smile beauty. Even if you keep the best oral hygiene routine possible and visit your dentist every month, some problems can occur unexpectedly. Missing a tooth is one of those problems that can happen unexpectedly and ruin the appearance of your smile. Our experienced dentists at Smile Point Dental Services in Oakville visit many patients with missing teeth due to a car accident, sports injury, tooth decay, or infection. The important point is to replace your missing teeth before it gets too late. Having gaps between your teeth can lower your self-confidence and cause other dental problems over time. Therefore, it’s essential to visit an experienced emergency dentist as soon as missing one or more teeth to choose the right tooth replacement. Living with missing teeth can degrade your overall health and cause problems we explain in this blog.

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Bone Loss

Your teeth need a healthy and sufficient jawbone to stay secured in their place. Losing one or more teeth can make your jawbone significantly weak, deteriorated, and insufficient, leading to more serious complications. Your dentist performs a comprehensive oral examination to check the density of your jawbone and see if bone graft surgery is needed. Furthermore, you can’t get titanium implants which is the most popular tooth replacement option, if you don’t have a healthy, sufficient amount of jawbone.

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Tooth Misalignment

Missing teeth can make your teeth misaligned and crooked if you leave them non-replaced for a long time. The space caused by missing one or more teeth can shift other teeth, leading to tooth misalignment. In such cases, orthodontic treatments are required to make your teeth straight and beautiful once again. If you don’t like the appearance of braces, you can ask your orthodontist for Invisalign treatment which is significantly popular among adult patients.

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Speaking Difficulties

Missing teeth can negatively impact your speech and make it difficult to pronounce your words. That’s why it’s necessary to replace your missing teeth with partial dentures or implants to correct your speech and increase your self-confidence. It can be significantly frustrating to keep repeating your sentences to make others understand what you are trying to say.

Serious Health Issues

If you ignore replacing your missing teeth, you will face more severe problems soon. Besides tooth decay and periodontal disease, missing teeth can cause more serious issues like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

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More Missing Teeth

Finally, leaving your missing teeth non-replaced can make your other healthy teeth loose and damaged over time. No matter how hard you try to maintain a good oral hygiene routine, losing one tooth increases your risk of losing more by more than 30%.

If you’ve been missing a tooth for a while, it’s time to discuss available options with your family dentist and choose the best one. You can book an appointment and visit our dentists now to restore your smile!

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