Common Reasons to Get a Dental Filling to Protect Your Smile

Common Reasons to Get a Dental Filling to Protect Your Smile

One of the most common and oldest dental treatments in dentistry is dental fillings used to address different issues. These nifty little dental health aides have saved many teeth from getting destroyed. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know how fillings are beneficial and what problems can be addressed by them. Cavities are considered the most common dental emergency that makes your tooth significantly damaged, which leads to severe complications if left untreated. Fillings are the most common method to repair a tooth with a cavity before it results in more serious conditions. Our dentists at Smile Point Dental use dental fillings in different ways to restore patients’ smiles and oral health. If you are one of those people who think repairing tooth decay and cavities is the only use of fillings, you have to understand how tooth fillings are used in other treatments. This information helps you take the correct action and make the best decision when facing a new dental problem. This blog explains some additional reasons for a dental filling worth noting.

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To repair a fractured tooth

In many cases, a fractured and cracked tooth can be restored by a composite filling. There are many reasons explaining a cracked tooth, such as car accidents, sports damage, a slip, and fall, or any other type of trauma to the mouth area. In such cases, many emergency methods are available to repair that damaged tooth, and a dental filling is one of the most effective and popular. You can ask your dentist about the merits of getting dental fillings for fractured teeth to know how wonderful they are.

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To help after the gradual loss of tooth structure

After experiencing a serious dental emergency or trauma, your tooth structure will be put in jeopardy. If you overlook such conditions, it’s possible to face even more severe dental problems that are more painful and expensive to treat. In addition to dental fillings, you can also visit a cosmetic dentist to get tooth restorations, such as porcelain crowns or veneers, depending on your condition.

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To repair tooth cavities of all sizes and shapes

Dental cavities are one of the most common dental emergencies that many people experience. It’s important to address a decayed tooth with cavities as soon as possible before leading to complications such as periodontal disease, endodontic problems, etc. Your dentist can use fillings to restore the decayed tooth, which can last between five years and upwards of a couple of decades. If you leave the decayed tooth untreated, fillings can’t help you anymore, and you will need root canal therapy or other professional treatment.

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To whiten discolored teeth

After extensive exposure to wine, coffee, candy, and other acidic beverages and foods, your teeth become significantly discolored. Although professional teeth whitening or cosmetic veneers are two popular options to whiten discolored teeth, many prefer to get tooth-colored fillings.

Remember to maintain a standard oral hygiene routine and visit your dentist regularly for comprehensive oral exams and deep cleaning. You can contact our dentists for more information!

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