Ceramic Veneer in Oakville

Cosmetic treatment of anterior teeth has always been a challenge in clinical practice. A smile is a curve that can fix everything. However, if you think that you have an ugly smile, our clinical care team at Smile Point Dental Clinic can help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.

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The dental veneer is a cosmetic treatment that has two types, including composite veneer and ceramic veneer. They are the most common way to correct a smile. Dental veneers can match the color of your existing teeth. However, such cosmetic treatments should not be performed without proper restorative planning. The design of the preparation and the amount of remaining dental structure affect the loading and failure of ceramic veneers. This concept of planning may be used to aid cosmetic interventions and create beautiful smiles. Therefore, our experienced dentists and laboratory technicians in Smile Point Dental Clinic carefully follow the appropriate protocol to achieve a higher clinical success rate. It is important to emphasize that the clinician must have a good understanding of the type of ceramic veneer in order to create a proper cementing method that helps with long-term repairs. And this is what we are proud of, having a dedicated team with comprehensive knowledge and expertise. Since ceramic veneers are single-tooth restorations with very small thicknesses, the mechanical strength of the material is also important for their displacement during cementation in the mouth, especially to maintain the restoration’s integrity in the oral cavity.
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Smile Point dental clinic accepts all types of payment and our staff will provide you with direct billing to your insurance. Even for your emergency dental appointment, our Oakville Dentist, you won’t have to pay the big portion of your dental treatment, if your insurance covers your dental care.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

The first and foremost advantage of veneers is that they make the teeth look natural and healthy. Unlike artificial prostheses, these items do not look artificial. Also, the process of using the veneer in Smile Point Dental Clinic is very fast and easy. Dental veneers are the only cosmetic dental solution that offers fast and impressive results. This cosmetic treatment can correct numerous defects related to teeth, such as broken or fractured teeth, stains, discoloration, and cleft teeth.

Dental veneers not only contribute to your smile but also improve your teeth’ function and strength. If you are not satisfied with your teeth’ shape, position, and color, you should consider this method. Aside from the fact that the teeth look brighter and whiter, veneers can cover the gaps between your teeth.

For applying dental veneers, you need at least two dental appointments. First, our dentist chooses the veneers that match the color of your teeth. As soon as the scales form, our dentist places them on your teeth. If you confirm this, the shells will be held in place with special adhesive glue to make them durable for a long time.  However, if veneers have reached the end of their lives, they will be replaced whenever you choose.

Dental veneers are one of the most beneficial dental solutions that can greatly improve your smile’s shape and form. Contact Smile Point Dental Clinic today to learn more about veneers and other cosmetic dental treatments.