Can Wisdom Teeth Lead to Periodontal Disease?

Can Wisdom Teeth Lead to Periodontal Disease?

Wisdom teeth and the risk of gum disease

Wisdom teeth are the last and third morals that appear in your mouth. However, they can generate a wide range of problems, such as tooth misalignment, infection, etc. That’s why most dentists emphasize removing them as soon as possible to prevent these severe complications. Moreover, the process of extracting these teeth should be done surgically, and it’s not as easy as usual.

You can visit our experienced dentists in Oakville at Smile Point Dental to experience the smoothest removal services and get rid of these problematic teeth immediately. Unfortunately, many resist removing these morals because they aren’t ideally informed about their possible complications. One of the most dangerous conditions an impacted wisdom tooth can cause is periodontal disease. They can affect your gum health negatively and make them infected after a time. In such cases, you can visit our experienced periodontists in Oakville to see how you can restore your oral health in the most effective way possible. Keep reading this blog to understand how wisdom teeth eruption can cause gum disease and how they are related.

Why Are They So Hard to Clean?

If you have experienced wisdom tooth eruption, you probably know the process of cleaning them is different from your natural teeth. They come on when an individual is in their late teens, and their mouth has not had enough space to accept new morals. It explains how they can cause tooth misalignment and make your teeth extremely crowded. Our experienced oral hygienists in Oakville explain how it’s so challenging to reach wisdom teeth in older to clean them with a toothbrush and floss. They are usually cut through at odd angles and are crooked, which even makes your routine more complicated. Our dentists can tell you how the quality of your dental hygiene is during our Oakville dental checkup and examination services.

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Can It Lead to Plaque Build-up?

Definitely yes. As explained, wisdom tooth eruption lowers the quality of your hygiene routine, so you wouldn’t be able to perfectly clean all teeth surfaces. Since it’s so hard to access wisdom teeth, you can’t clean them properly, which leads to plaque buildup after a while. In our clinic, Oakville emergency dentists consider this condition as one of the main reasons for severe oral health issues. The plaque buildup can become a tartar if left ignored. Tartar not only destroys the enamel of your tooth but also makes your gums inflamed and causes gingivitis.

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Can You Floss with Wisdom Teeth?

Another reason explaining how wisdom teeth cause periodontal disease is poor flossing. It’s a vital habit to keep your teeth and gums healthy all the time. Unfortunately, flossing wisdom teeth is so challenging and almost impossible for many people. If you overlook it, it can result in periodontal disease and even bone loss over time. You can use our same-day services in Oakville if you experience suspicious signs like bleeding, inflamed and red gums.

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The most important thing you need to do to prevent such issues is to remove those teeth. You can demand our excellent wisdom tooth services in Oakville since our dentists offer quality care. Make your first appointment now!

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